Go through the bible alongside our community! Here is what we're reading...


Reading Guide JANUARY 2018

Reading Guide DECEMBER 2017





Life is busy and on the go. Here is a great resource to help you ensure you can be in the word daily whether it's on a bus, on a hike or wherever you like to wander.



Here are a few helpful cards that do some clarifying...


Bible History - Where to Start

The bible is written by many people, over a huge span of time and in many different styles! Here is a brief summary of some historical context behind the bible and a couple suggestions on where to start reading.

Why Journal? - Where to Start

Reading the Bible is more than just an information study. It's meant to be a personal experience filled with challenge and encouragement for right where we're at in life. Here are a few helpful notes on how to go about doing devotions.


Books of the Bible

There are so many different types of books in the bible! Whether it's history or poetry, knowing what kind of text you're reading helps to understand where the author is coming from.