Children's Homes, Northern India

Child of Mine is a charitable organization from Canada partnering with children’s homes in India. They come alongside the homes in such a way that they can bring value to their vision; raising future leaders to love and serve India.

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For more than two decades the Children's Homes made ends meet with some basic sponsorships, acquired through a group of key organizations. In 2004, these organizations gave notice that they could not longer sponsor a faith based residential program, leaving the children, staff and vision with a grim future. The staff and children dreamed of the day that God would provide a partner that would not only allow them to survive but also share the vision.

By partnering with Child of Mine and the vision of these Homes, you are not simply a "sponsor." You are adding value to the holistic efforts of the Homes in equipping these children. 


Partnership Enables Us To:

  • Feed, clothe and educate the children

  • Repair, maintain, and improve living conditions

  • Provide post-secondary options for the older children

  • Develop the train staff

  • Plan for long-term development of the homes

  • Build strategic partnership with other organizations to benefit the overall vision.

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