Gospel of LUKE // 20-21

Series Description

The Gospel of Luke is a sweeping story of the life of Jesus.  In it, we will encounter who Jesus was, what He did, and why He did it.  How can one man from history change your life?  Dive in to find out...

Gospel of LUKE: Problem with Resurrection Question

February 4, 2018

Luke 20:27-47

How would you like to live without the hope of an afterlife? No life after death - no resurrection? Jesus answers this question but more importantly Jesus addresses the most important question – which is about Himself.

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Small Group Questions

Gospel of LUKE: Question of Authority

January 28, 2018

Luke 20:1-8

There is something that Jesus followers are called to do – make Jesus Lord. Jesus is to be in charge of your life, all of your life. But is Jesus actually Lord?