Children's Homes, Northern India

Child of Mine is a charitable organization from Canada partnering with children’s homes in India. They come alongside the homes in such a way that they can bring value to their vision; raising future leaders to love and serve India.

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SunRidge 2018 India Team


Kyle & Alecia Dyck

SunRidge Team Leaders

I (Kyle) am a carpenter and youth pastor! I (Alecia) am a designer with a digital and fine arts practice. We love construction projects and we love hanging out with people. We have led 5 youth group trips to Mexico to build houses and we are so excited to take our love for team projects to India!

For fundraising we are teaming up on some print projects. Check it out at or email us at


Mary Hunter

I’m a hairdresser and love to make those around me feel beautiful inside and out!  Going to India with child of mine is such an amazing opportunity to serve and I’m excited to cut hair at the children’s home! 

For fundraising I am making necklaces and will be doing a hair cutting fundraiser (stay tuned for more details to come!) 


Instagram: _hairbymar_


Faith Peters

I’m currently working in the deli at Nesters Market in West Kelowna, and pursuing my interest in photography in my spare time. India, is a place I’ve really been feeling called to go to over the last year or so and Child of Mine provides such an amazing opportunity to go and help serve there.

For fundraising I will be selling eco-dyed scarves and also running various photography sessions for individuals or families. 


Instagram: @faith_peters_photography


Colby Hubscher

I’m a 21-year-old extremely curious musician and hobby programmer who desires to be deeply changed – emotionally and spiritually – through experiencing a country and culture like India. To fundraise, I’m making some traditional-style beverages to sell by donation, and may even host a fundraiser event before the summer’s over. Give me a shout at 250-863-1829 if you want to reach me!




For more than two decades the Children's Homes made ends meet with some basic sponsorships, acquired through a group of key organizations. In 2004, these organizations gave notice that they could not longer sponsor a faith based residential program, leaving the children, staff and vision with a grim future. The staff and children dreamed of the day that God would provide a partner that would not only allow them to survive but also share the vision.

By partnering with Child of Mine and the vision of these Homes, you are not simply a "sponsor." You are adding value to the holistic efforts of the Homes in equipping these children. 


Partnership Enables Us To:

  • Feed, clothe and educate the children

  • Repair, maintain, and improve living conditions

  • Provide post-secondary options for the older children

  • Develop the train staff

  • Plan for long-term development of the homes

  • Build strategic partnership with other organizations to benefit the overall vision.

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