Partnership Series

Series Description

The church is God's plan for spreading the GOSPEL. Jesus did not say that He would build a publishing company, a worship band or a denomination ... He said He would build His church.  Jesus is so closely identified with the church that He said Saul was persecuting Him when he was persecuting the church.  If Jesus so closely identified with the church, then we should too.


Messages in this Series

At its core the Gospel is a story. It’s the story of God’s continued faithfulness to His people despite their rebellion, and how He restores and redeems all things to the way they were designed to be.

Partnership #1 - Small Group Questions

When we talk about "Love Jesus" we're talking about the attitudes, beliefs, and actions that build our relationship with God.  We believe that building this relationship is so important because Jesus is EVERYTHING to us.  He is the fulfilment of the Gospel, the Saviour of our hearts and the answer to everything that is wrong in the world."

Partnership #2 - Small Group Questions

Jesus calls us to love each other.  He asks us to love like He does.  Do you know the extent of His love?

Partnership #3 - Small Group Questions

Living Mission is about allowing our relationship with Jesus and our love for people to catapult us into a lifestyle that moves us toward the people in our worlds who are far from God.

Partnership #4: Small Group Questions