Child of Mine December Update



 We want to take this opportunity to greet all our COM Partners and wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year 2015!

We thank and praise God for Hid blessings and protection we received the whole month! It was the busy month and yet very excited being the long awaited Christmas season! Yes, we felt the warmth and loving care of the Lord the whole month.

HEALTH: Many children especially younger ones were suffered with chicken-pox.  Since it was contagious disease we had to keep the children in isolation; the sick room we have was always full packed even when we put extra beds. But we thank God for healing them all after a month! We also thank God for giving us Ms.Ngaihtei, the Home Nurse who looked after them lovingly.

EDUCATION:  Students from Kindergarten to Class V finished their Promotion Exam. All of them passed with good marks. We really thank God for all His blessings - the opportunity of studies, meeting all their school supplies they needed; good health; teachers; and all supporters.

The students from Class VI to IX also gave their Promotion Exams but still waiting for their results. (Classes from X- XII will give their exams in March 2015.)

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION: We had birthday celebration on 24th December 2014 for December born. We baked cake; time of singing and praising God for birthday boys and girls,; prayers for their life’s ahead; gave gifts and some special items were presented by other children.

CHRISTMAS GIFTS: We are very much thankful to COM Partners for the Christmas gifts. We bought trousers, shoes and salwar suit for some big girls.  Children, staff and their children are very much grateful to you all!

CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION: We had a good time during Christmas season. Some alumni also came Home and we had Fellowship with them. We had Christmas carols with other churches too! On Christmas Eve, we had some Games; carols, praise and worship at the Hall till 1:00a.m.  We thanked God for Jesus Christ; re-dedicate ourselves for His ministry. After greetings with each other, we had dance party.

On Christmas day we had Ecumenical Worship Service with other churches at our Church in Subathu. Our children also presented two special items. The Church was full; many people had to stay outside. We had love feast after the Church service.

On 26th December, we had Christmas celebration at our Home. Children performed different items. Some children’s parents also presented. God brought many people more than we expected, many of them were from other faith. We pray that God, the Holy Spirit would continue to work in their hearts.

STAFF GIFT EXCHANGE PROGRAM: We had Staff gift exchange program on 30th Dec., 2014 on which we gave thanks to God for all His love and care we received the whole year through; encouraged and prayed for one another; seeking God’s will and re-dedicate for the coming year in our ministry. 

Once again, we thank God for bringing many people into our lives. May God continue to bless each one of you for all the love, care and support you gave us!

With many thanks and God bless,