Money Matters

Series Description

Money Matters is a series on how God calls us to steward our finances. It teaches us to be responsible with our money, against the consumerist mentality of today, so that we can "Live Mission" with what we earn and save.



Messages in this Series

When it comes to money the Bible says that the love of it is the root of all kinds of evil. What is it about loving money that makes this true? It’s worth pondering isn’t it? Let’s look at 3 ways that money lets us down.

Money Matters #1: Small Group Questions


Have you ever thought about why you give your money away? What motivates us to give our hard earned money to things? Jesus says that what we treasure will see where are money goes. Let’s look at some motivations why we give and come up with a plan to give.

Money Matters #2: Small Group Questions


Stuff has a way of getting a hold of us – but whose stuff is it really? Is my Stuff mine, or is my Stuff God’s? Who’s the Owner? If I’m an Owner, then giving is an obligation. But if God’s the Owner, well that changes everything!

Money Matters #3: Small Group Questions


How are people in our day doing generally when it comes to living with financial wisdom from God's perspective? What do you think? Let’s have a look at what the Bible says and then ask ourselves if we are willing to live this way.

Money Matters #4: Small Group Questions