Gospel of LUKE // 10-12

Series Description

The Gospel of Luke is a sweeping story of the life of Jesus.  In it, we will encounter who Jesus was, what He did, and why He did it.  How can one man from history change your life?  Dive in to find out...

Messages in this Series

LUKE 12:22-34 // Don't Worry

Worry is something we’re all familiar with.  Yet Jesus is bold enough to command his followers NOT to do it.  Can that be accomplished in our lives - to live worry-free?

LUKE 12:13-21 // Rich Toward God

Banking on your finances for eternal security is a bad investment; instead of storing up treasures on earth, we are going to look at what it means to store up treasures in heaven and be rich toward God.


LUKE 12:1-12 // Fear

Fear is a difference maker in our lives. We can be so caught up with the fear of what other people think that we miss what's truly important. Jesus has a better way for us to follow.


LUKE 11:37-44 // Problem with Religion

What does it mean to be a “Good Christian”?  Ever wondered what you have to do, how you have to behave, what it should look like?  We’ve got to be careful with that kind of thinking as it can lead us into a mess.  Jesus speaks in a bold way to a group of people who went too far and turned faith into a performance.

LUKE 11:1-32 // Prayer

Join Guest Speaker Ryan Rainville as he explores the mindset and heart of a Jesus follower when it comes to prayer.

LUKE 10:38-42 // Mary & Martha

Have you ever wondered what the one big thing in life that you need to get right? As you and I feel many responsibilities pulling at us often in different directions - what we will learn from 2 sisters is that there is really only one thing needed. Do you know what it is?

LUKE 10:25-37 // Good Samaritan

What is it about us that when we feel compassion for someone we fail to show that compassion for someone? We feel sorry for someone but it seems to end there – no action – no follow through – no loving our neighbor. Let us learn from Jesus what a good neighbor looks like.

Good Samaritan: Small Group Questions


LUKE 10:1-24 // Harvest Workers Needed

Harvest Workers Needed: Jesus once said.. Just as the Father has sent me I am sending you too. Jesus states his mission as ‘sent to seek and save the lost’ and Jesus says that the people ready to say YES to Jesus is a lot! Do you believe that? Because if this is true what are we to do?

Harvest Workers Needed: Small Group Questions