Gospel of LUKE // 13-17

Series Description

The Gospel of Luke is a sweeping story of the life of Jesus.  In it, we will encounter who Jesus was, what He did, and why He did it.  How can one man from history change your life?  Dive in to find out...

LUKE 17:11-19 // Grateful Leper

October 15, 2017

We either have an attitude of gratitude like the one leper or we have an attitude of entitlement like the other 9 who could not even say thanks to Jesus for the gift of their miracle. It’s really a matter of our heart toward God!

Luke 17:11-19 Small Group Questions

LUKE 17:1-3 // Trouble is Coming

October 8, 2017

Jesus says that while you are here on this earth you will have temptations come your way. Have you ever thought about that? Today we want to look at the different ways that temptations come at us, and we want to give you hope knowing that there is a way out from them.

Luke 17:1-3 Small Group Questions

LUKE 16:19-31 // Rich Man & Lazarus

October 1, 2017

Maybe you haven’t recognized this in yourself but there is a tendency for us to build walls around our lives. There are many different reasons why we might build these walls but whatever the reason what results is a ruined life. Jesus today will use a shocking story to drive home this crucial truth that we need to BREAK DOWN THE WALLS.

Luke 16:19-31 Small Group Questions

LUKE 16:18 // Divorce and Remarriage

September 24, 2017

Today come to a tough topic that has hurt and scarred many people - Divorce. We will be looking at what God’s intention was for marriage; and then how God’s makes room for marriage breakdown in this thing called divorce. Finally, we want to talk about remarriage. Should a divorced person ever remarry?

Luke 16:18 Small Group Questions

LUKE 16:1-13 // Lessons from a Dishonest Steward

September 17, 2017

Jesus talked a lot about money — more than any subject outside of the Kingdom of God—and this is one of the stories that Jesus tells yet again to try and get our attention of the crucial important truth about it.

Luke 16:1-13 Small Group Questions

LUKE 15:1-32 // The Lost Matter

September 10, 2017



When we have a view of God that is wrong it really does make for problems for not only us but everyone around us. Jesus will skillfully deconstruct and then reconstruct a beautifully correct view of God – and this changes everything!

LUKE 14:1-24 // A Seat at the Banquet

September 3, 2017

Ever made an excuse to avoid going to an event? Or have you ever invited someone and heard their excuse? Jesus tells a story about an incredible party and it might surprise you who he invites, and who makes excuses.

LUKE 13:22-30 // Narrow Door

August 27, 2017

There are doorways in life that profoundly shape our future and destiny. The life options available today can seem overwhelming and we know deep down that not every appealing doorway will lead us to the good life we desire. Jesus warns us that the true path of life is accessed through a narrow door, missed by many but available to all. What pathway are you on this week? 

LUKE 13:1-9 // Repentance

August 20, 2017

There are times in our life that require a deeper work of excavation. The words of Jesus, we will see, will be hard to hear but if we are willing to embrace them they will change your life. Get ready to learn about ‘Repentance’.