Gospel of LUKE // 20-21

Series Description

The Gospel of Luke is a sweeping story of the life of Jesus.  In it, we will encounter who Jesus was, what He did, and why He did it.  How can one man from history change your life?  Dive in to find out...

Gospel of LUKE: Get Ready

April 15, 2018

Luke 21:25-38

It is so easy to let the concerns of what is happening in the world distract you from living the life that God wants you to live. But how do you resist this from happening? So glad you asked!

Gospel of LUKE: Worst Times Bring Best Opportunities

April 8, 2018

Luke 21:5-19

Never has Jesus promised His followers an easy life, yet when the worst tragedies happen we can quickly loose sight what God has promised us. What we will see is that the worst of times can be our best opportunities to make a difference – Jesus promised.

Gospel of LUKE: Widow's Offering 3 // It's Decision Time

March 25, 2018

Luke 21:1-4

One day Jesus was watching a poor widow and rich people give their offerings. We are going to address the important decision rich people will need to make.

Gospel of LUKE: Widow's Offering 2 // Lean on Jesus

March 18, 2018

Luke 21:1-4

One of the problems with having extra money is that we can be tempted to lean on our money which results in giving us a false sense of security, instead of leaning on Jesus for our security. Today we will look at the warning that comes with making this mistake.

Gospel of LUKE: Widow's Offering

March 11, 2018

Luke 21:1-4

We spend most of our lives trying to get rich. And yet while we try harder, work harder, and accumulate more and more stuff we never feel rich. Today we want to ask the question who are the rich people and am I one of these rich people?

Gospel of LUKE: People Resist Jesus

March 4, 2018

Luke 20:9-26

There are many reasons people don't listen to Jesus.  We often have a built in resistance.  What's behind that and how can we move past it?

Gospel of LUKE: Problem with Resurrection Question

February 4, 2018

Luke 20:27-47

How would you like to live without the hope of an afterlife? No life after death - no resurrection? Jesus answers this question but more importantly Jesus addresses the most important question – which is about Himself.

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Gospel of LUKE: Question of Authority

January 28, 2018

Luke 20:1-8

There is something that Jesus followers are called to do – make Jesus Lord. Jesus is to be in charge of your life, all of your life. But is Jesus actually Lord?