Gospel of LUKE: 21 Days of Prayer

As followers of Jesus, we are called to pray. It isn’t a suggestion, it is actually a command! We are calling the church to 21 Days of Prayer from January 7 to 28. We want to unify as a church around three prayer requests: Hunger. Burden. Eagerness.

Gospel of LUKE: Eagerness

January 21, 2018

Luke 19:45-48

Jesus is eager to have us HEAR GOD. Jesus is so eager that this happens that he does a temple clearing to make sure people realize the importance of it.

Small Group Questions

Gospel of LUKE: Burden

January 14, 2018

Luke 19:41-44

When you look out over the city what do you feel? Jesus did this one day and he cried over it – he just felt the burden of people who had lost their way. Do you?

Gospel of LUKE: Hunger

January 7, 2018

Luke 19:11-27

When God gave you your life to live on this planet God also gave you something to use to impact this planet for the Lord. Let us not miss how crucial it is that we then live this way, because we only have one life to live.