Shawn Talks "Group Life"

I recently put some questions in front of Shawn Klassen, our Connections Pastor and asked him to talk a bit about group life at SunRidge and this is what he said:

Why do we have small groups if we are already getting together on Sunday?

Sunday mornings are awesome and being a part of a Small Group allows us to take that experience further. We get to know and be known, help and be helped, love and be loved. They’re also great for exploring what we heard from the message on Sunday morning - to see where it connects with our day to day life.

If you could describe the benefit of a Small Group in 6 words, what would they be?

Journeying together in Friendship and Faith.

What happens in a small group? Is it all a big discussion?

They involve food and laughter, catching up on what’s going on in each other’s lives, seeing how we can help/serve others, talking about important things, and praying for each other’s needs.

Are groups divided up by age and marital status?

We’ve got groups that can fit any age and marital status. There’s one specifically for young adults; the other groups are for any and all.

What if a person feels it is a bit out of their league, they are new to talking about the Bible and issues of faith?

For those who are exploring or new to faith, I would encourage you to connect with Starting Point when it’s offered. It’s the perfect place to ask questions and have a conversation around what it all means. At the same time, it’s important to know that our Small Groups are safe environments to ask your questions and bounce ideas of people you can trust - you won’t be judged for being new to it all!

What if a person can’t come every week?

We understand life is busy. I would say connection is important! Don’t miss out on community because you have other stuff going on in your life. Last night for example — my small group ended up being three people and I couldn’t be there because of a board meeting. They still got together because meaningful connection can still happen. The idea is that we know each other and can track with each other even if we can’t make it all the time.

What’s the best way to get connected, do people just randomly show up at the home of the person who is hosting it?

A conversation with me is the best first step. We’ll talk about what you’re looking for, what night of the week works best for you, and what to expect at our Small Groups. I’ll buy the coffee! email me anytime at or link up with our small group connect page