Series Description

There is a big difference between knowing about someone and knowing someone personally. It is what makes a relationship COME ALIVE. The same holds true for God. There is a big difference between knowing about God and knowing God personally. This is what makes us COME ALIVE.

About The Artwork

Coming alive in Christ, it makes a spirit thirsty for the fullest life, life coloured by joy and pain, it is being enamoured with the mystery of God, it is believing in and praying for the most impossible things, it is being entirely weak in the entirely strong power of God. For this, a visual of explosive and charged colour was created; employing surreal pieces to signify how God’s pictures are so beyond what we can picture for ourselves.

God’s Guardrails

February 17, 2019

Balance in Listening for God's Guidance. Many people wonder where the line is concerning what they should be asking God guidance for. “Where’s the line? What do I need to ask God for guidance about, and what do I not need to ask God guidance about?”

Benefits of Hearing

February 10, 2019

You don't FIND God's will you RECOGNIZE it. God gives us His general and specific will. God's will is not BAD, is not FIXED, is not CONTRARY to His Word, is not HIDDEN and is not REVEALED to others first. God wants you to know what He wants you to BE. God wants you to know what He wants you to DO.

Value His Voice

February 3, 2019

Two weeks ago, we saw the primary way God speaks to us is through Scripture. We can hear His general Word through Scripture to everyone, and we can receive a specific word to us. Today, we’ll touch on other ways in which God speaks to us.

Understanding God

January 27, 2019

Let’s admit it - we can get lost when we read the Bible! How can we hear God when we have trouble understanding what He’s saying? Today, we’ll look at some helpful tips that will bring clarity to His voice.

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Small Group Questions

Word Of God Speak

January 20, 2019

The Bible is a Primary Way to Hear God. Here we’ll learn HOW the Bible is a primary way through which God speaks. God speaks to us through Scripture in two different ways:

Universally -- to everybody.

Personally -- to individuals with specific messages for specific situations at specific times.

Turn Down The Noise

January 13, 2019

Why do you need to hear God’s voice? -So Christ can function as your Lord and King! -So you can know God as Father. -So Jesus can be your LIFE! DON'T FORGET: The voice you listen to the most will determine the direction of your life.

Ears To Hear

January 6, 2019

Does God Still Speak Today? How would your life change if you could consistently and clearly hear God speak? Many people struggle with hearing God's voice but Jesus set the bar pretty low so that anyone can hear Him speak.