Day 6/21: Follower

Welcome here! This blog is an “extra blog” being posted daily between January 13 and February 3 to come alongside the 21 Days of Prayer. We are reading the book of John with the intention of looking at Jesus very closely. We want to know Him really well so that we will love Him even more!

January 19, 2019

Good morning Jesus,

 Great way to start Saturday, just enjoying Your company. Please come and sit with me and talk tell me about Yourself. I want to know You better than I know anyone.

 Right away in John 6, I find my mind spinning. It says in verse 2

“and a great crowd of people followed him because they saw the miraculous signs he had performed on the sick.”

It’s really the first part of that verse I am thinking about, how a great crowd of people followed You. What was that like? I am asking myself if I have ever been a part of a great crowd that “followed” someone.

 I don’t think I can compare any experience to the one described in that verse. I have gone to concerts where I am among a great crowd, but that’s not really following. It’s an evening. I know some people are devoted to a band, but I never have been.

I have enjoyed certain authors, thinkers, speakers and some I tune in to regularly but I wouldn’t call myself their follower or a part of their crowd. I think of them as a kind of occasional mentor that I consult from time to time.

 What does following look like. I googled “What does it mean to follow someone” and of course, what pops up? All things Facebook. Is that what following has become?

 As I am thinking about who “followed You” Jesus, it is literal feet on the ground follow. Scads of diverse people heard about You – truly a random crowd – drawn in by what was reported about You. They actually left what they were doing and hit the road to watch You and listen to You. Some people went to extreme lengths to find You and spent dawn to dusk with You and showed up the next day to do the same.

 Your disciples followed You EVERY day. You shared the most important things about Yourself with them and answered countless and sometimes repetitive questions. You guys all ate together and found shelter together and did things together in all kinds of cities and towns. You told stories to them and created stories with them. You taught them and reminisced with them and looked forward to a future of being together.  All this happened while your friends followed You. They were clearly following You; it wasn’t them setting the agenda.

They took following to a new level though. Not only did they know You, could describe You as only a very close friend could, and could quote You verbatim…they became like You and picked up on how You lived to live like You also. They made Your priorities their priorities so that people could actually pick them out as a follower of Jesus. **** This is what You are pointing out to me today and calling me to keep pressing into.

 When I say I am a follower, my desire is to be a feet on the ground kind of follower. In my waking, in my working, in my playing, in my conversations, I do think of You as being with me. I do this imperfectly, because even though You are with me, I often dominate the conversation, I often take the lead as we journey, and I can get so lost in my own thoughts I can forget You are in the room but Jesus, I am Your follower more than I am anyone else’s.

But Jesus, I so want to be like You. I want people to see me and see You.

Is it harder to be Your follower now? No, no it is not. Your Spirit is IN ME — that means there never is a moment we are apart. At all times You are with me for everything I want to ask…for everything I need.

A great crowd still follows You every day — and in my context, I walk alongside many followers. Ah, so thankful just now for this!!

Your people all around the world along with seekers and sojourners. We all follow You and You share the most important things about Yourself with us and answer countless and sometimes repetitive questions. We all eat together in honour of Your Name and find shelter in Your Words of Life. You still invite us to do things together with You in all kinds of cities and towns. You tell us stories and create stories with us. You teach us and reminisce with us and look forward to a future of being together.  All this happens while your friends still follow You.

 We are clearly following You; it isn’t us setting the agenda.

“All those the Father gives me will come to me,
and whoever comes to me I will never drive away” (John 6:37, NIV).

 Spirit, touch Your followers deeply so we will Come Alive!