A Summer of Psalms

Series Description

The Book of Psalms is one of the most unique books in the Bible. Why? Because it brings together ‘Logic’ and ‘Emotion’ like no other book in the Bible. These two need not be opposed to each other. So let’s enjoy the deep feelings that come to us with the deep truths the Psalmists bring to us!

About The Artwork

This series design features a wavy line pattern in the background. Many of the Psalms are very emotional writings which can be really joyful or really heavy all of a sudden. This emotional up and down is symbolized by the pattern.

Coming Close to God

Psalm 73

Mike Klassen / September 8, 2019

Arm Wrestle

Psalm 143

Matt Unrau / September 1, 2019

(Due to technical difficulties, the last 10 minutes of the sermon was not recorded.)

No Fear

Psalm 127

Mike Klassen / August 25, 2019

Yay God!

Psalm 96

Kyle Dyck / August 18, 2019


Psalm 40

Gary Swabey / August 11, 2019

Real Rest

Psalm 23

Brad Gamble / August 4, 2019

Mule Problem

Psalm 32

Mike Klassen / July 28, 2019

(Due to technical issues, audio is distorted.)

Nature Whispers

Psalm 19

Mikaela Klassen / July 21, 2019

(Due to some technical issues, only message audio is available.)

Delight In

Psalm 1

Mike Klassen / July 14, 2019