This week I was thinking about how I relate to GOD

and He turned the question around

and had me ask instead,

“LORD, how do You relate to me?”

It was like He was waiting to tell me because there it was:

“Like you are three.”

What? Three?

I smiled at this picture. I have spent summer Sundays with the preschool class so I had ready ideas about this…

  • Three is big enough to ”help,” yet is she? Her father smiles, affirms her efforts and then does it all Himself. All glory goes to GOD!

  • Three thinks her words and theories make so much sense! On and on she goes. Her Father isn’t taking notes, let’s just say. He does, however, love her chatter.

  • Three over-exaggerates injury like it is the end of the world! “Oh that looks like it hurts,” He says, applying a bandaid for good measure with His nail-pierced hands.

  • Three is outrageously stubborn. Three has a will ten times her size! Three is very sure what she wants is what she needs, and her Father (thankfully) is firm for her own good.

  • Three wants snacks (mostly ice-cream) and resents carrots. The Father gives her carrots and rolls His eyes.

  • Three plays. She plays! She is full of wonder and imagination and freedom and this is an absolute delight to the Father who enters in to The Joy, The Grace, The Communion.

  • Three needs watching. She needs a hand across the street. She needs instruction. She needs rest. The Father knows what she needs and doesn’t withhold that care.

  • Three is so repetitive. She mostly asks “how” and “why” and “when.” The Father does not remain silent, though often the information is too big for her and He can only say “you’ll see” and “because” and “wait and see.”

I wrote more about three and it was so satisfying. So freeing. I am that childlike, Father, and it is good to know. My role isn’t to impress GOD, but to love Him.

My Father sings over me Zephaniah says, this is what a Father does with a three-year-old. He sits at the table, and by her bed, and in the living room, and He starts a tune that becomes a laugh that becomes a play that becomes a hug. He enjoys Three and she enjoys Him right back. This is worship, this enjoyment we have in our Father and all He has made and all He has done.

Three thanks her Father more than anything! This is because He does everything! She isn’t doing any of the heavy lifting even though she thinks she is — thank GOD!

I can forget this but I shouldn’t.

Being in preschool class this summer has been a class I needed to take. This too is the way of GOD. He calls us out, out of wherever we are to give us a view we can’t have where we were.

He gives us an experience, He gives us material to draw from and then He one day says, “This is what I mean…”

Teresa Klassen

Teresa Klassen