Life On Life

Every Friday a group of ladies gathers around a table with a Bible, Journal, Reading Guide and Pen. It’s a pretty simple thing we do.

We meet at 9.

We catch up with each other about the week.

We read a passage of Scripture.

Then we are quiet and we journal on something we saw there (or from another passage) — nothing fancy, just what we “hear” and what connects with us. We write a little, we ask “How does this apply to me?”

Then we share with each other. Either as a whole table, or in a few groups.

Then we pray for one another.

Pretty simple.

But there is so much more happening. We are taking time to stop for an hour and a bit and consider what the Holy Spirit is wanting to say to us. Sometimes there is laughter, sometimes there are tears, there are questions, most often we say, “I really needed this today.”

The group changes as some women can come one week, and others can come on another.

We are learning together, we are persevering together, we are growing together.

This little blog is just a reminder to the reader that this is what happens in small groups. It is life on life, going down the road together and pulling along the weary, celebrating those who are sprinting, learning from one another’s musings…it is keeping our lives focused on what lasts.

Join us, join another group, just join! All the other Small Groups start-up next week! Connect at the Connect Center on Sunday or sign up online.

Teresa Klassen

Teresa Klassen