Small Groups

What's Your Flag?

Small Groups are a place to "know and be known" and this past week our group took that to a new level. We all took something called "The Flag Test" and after a great Barbecue, we sat in a circle and shared about ourselves. This test is quite unique in that it recognizes that the way we relate to the world is unique based on our own individual wiring and motivations. Once completed, there are half-a-dozen ways to talk about the results and each conversation reveals something interesting about how we think, act, relate, and are motivated to do what we do. It is all positive -- it isn't designed to show one's weaknesses, just to look at who you are and what's right about us.

What an amazing evening we had, giving each person time to talk about themselves. We affirmed, we laughed, we asked questions, we compared...and we all walked away with a much, much deeper understanding of what made each of our small group friends tick. It was so RICH! We are still all talking about it! 

The Bible says we are "wonderfully" made and this evening was dedicated to celebrate God's unique design for each of us.

If you are not in a small group, I strongly encourage you to enter into community in this way and be in a place where you will be known and noticed, encouraged and spurred on in your faith!  

For more details on how to get involved: Get Connected Here>>