Goodbye Brit

Goodbye Brittany


Our Worship Arts Pastor and dear friend Brittany has moved to Saskatoon. Last week we said a sad goodbye and will miss her so very much!

Here is a note from Brit...

Well SunRidge, I am in Saskatoon.

Many hours were spent in my champ of a Honda Civic. The car was packed so full that we couldn't see out the back, I had to shoulder check the right side for Spence. I had zero leg room but SO MANY road trip snacks (including Teresa Klassen paska and Marcella's cinnamon buns), which made it all better.

I am all moved in. My house is great. My roommates are really sweet. I have decided that I have too many articles of clothing but I am keeping them because I figure that they will help when I need layers to keep me warm.

You guys are an amazing family and I truly love you. I am so excited for this new adventure and am incredibly happy to be here but I am definitely missing all of you!