I Am

I AM - A Series on the Person of Jesus


Sometimes people ask ‘Why Jesus did not come out plainly and say He was God?’ This series will highlight 7 ‘I Am’ statements that tell us that Jesus works, speaks and reveals God. In these statements Jesus is claiming God’s name. He does not just speak for God like Moses or one of the prophets. He speaks as God. So as we will see, when we worship Jesus in the power of the Spirit we are worshipping God



Everything we are and have is a gift from God, including all our material blessings.  However, Jesus reminds us that there is something more important than money, homes, cars, and vacations - it is a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I AM #1 - Small Group Questions

We all know that light allows us to see and that is why when we come into a room we turn the light on. Well Jesus describes himself as light and that allows us to see our sin, but it also allows us to see Amazing Grace!

I AM #2 - Small Group Questions

I AM #3 - The Door: John 10:9

Mike Klassen // September 27, 2015


What we see here is that once we become a part of God's family, He will protect us and feed us.  In fact, Jesus acts as the door with the deadbolt locked so that no harm can come to those who belong to Him.

I AM #3 - Small Group Questions

Jesus describes himself as the Good Shepherd so what we need to do is then trust in Jesus as a good shepherd guides us and provides for us and corrects us and protects us.

I AM #4 - Small Group Questions

The  resurrection is not just an event, it is a person. If the person of Jesus can defeat death,
then Jesus can certainly defeat and rescue me from my dead ends in life.

I AM #5- Small Group Questions

I AM #7 - The True Vine: John 15:1

Mike Klassen // October 25, 2015


Jesus says that it is of utmost importance that we stay connected to Him. For us to have this happen, we need to sit at His feet regularly so that we can do what He asks and so that we can love as He loves. 

I AM #7 - Small Group Questions