To India With Love

I love how Paul writes about one church helping another. There is no feeling of superiority (“us vs. them”). It is simply, “You have this to be generous with. Share it with those brothers over there.” And, “Brothers over there, you have this to be generous with, share it over here.”

SunRidge has had the opportunity to partner with our brothers/sisters in India for a lot of years now and like those early New Testament churches, the same thing holds true. We receive from them from what they have to give, and we come to them with something also. We make what we have available, available. And so do they.

This October Kyle & Alecia Dyck will be co-leading a team going to India. We have sent teams in the past from SunRidge, linking with others from other churches. This year we are sending the leaders, Kyle & Alecia, who will bring what they have to offer to the team who go to India under the banner of Child of Mine, and ultimately to our friends waiting in India at two children’s homes who care for children in desperate situations. These homes take children in, care for them, become another part of their family if they have family already, or their only family in some cases! They provide education right through post-secondary and they see themselves as raising India’s future church leaders!

This is what Kyle and Alecia had to say about their roles:


Alecia, what is your role with the India Team?

My title is the Trip Co-Leader. Some of my work has been on this side of India, and the rest of it will happen when we are there. My role is to

  • Resource and inform team members (communicating everything necessary to plan and be prepared for trip)

  • Help brainstorm around itinerary

  • Train up team so they feel equipped for jobs and cultural interactions

  • Plan soul care for team (devos, prayer leading up to trip, debrief)

  • Coordinate team while on the ground, leading group through various points of travel

Describe the team this year?

It is a smaller team this year, but the right size for the project we are taking on. Just over half have been on a COM trip before and the rest are just stoked to finally see the homes which they’ve been supporting. There is a mix of young adults and older.

Describe what the team will be doing?

We will be building a roof on another story of a building for visitors. Consider these students, once they leave the home for university, often do not have a family to visit during holidays and such; they want to come back “home” but have no place to stay! This facility we’re working on will allow students to return home. We will also be painting; there is always painting to be done as monsoon rains strip buildings!

What do you want to help the team see and experience?

I want to instil a deep love for another group of people, another country and culture! I want to inspire the team to learn from the dedicated faith of the staff and kids. I want to be a part of fanning into flame a spiritual vibrancy through the joys and challenges of India

Why do you give up your time and earnings to do this?

When Kyle and I have lead Student teams to Mexico, we have been so well supported and inspired by Amor Ministries. Their experience over their 35 years has resulted in some amazing systems for resourcing teams. We would love to bring some of what we love and have learned from Amor to Child of Mine, to make it the best it can possibly be!

Additionally, we personally, despite being suuuuuper challenged and stretched through the trip and preparing for the trip, feel inspired and filled by these experiences. Its a faith reviving time.

Supporting these homes is just one of those unquestionably important and impactful things anyone can do. Being there, it is such an easy “yes” to wanting to be a part of the work God is doing their through the Indian staff.

  • Alecia needs to raise her own support to go: $4000. You can support her through SunRidge Church (indicate the funds are for Child of Mine Project, if online attach a note, if by check please write this on a separate piece of paper not on the check) or directly through Child of Mine (indicate online, or phone the office to indicate the funds are to be directed for her support).


Kyle, what is your role with the team?
I am the co leader of the construction portion of the trip and Alecia and I are leading all of those attending from Kelowna churches.

What is this year’s project?
We are going to both homes this year which is really exciting. At DUF, we are going to be adding a shed style roof on a three story building that houses staff and visitors. As always, there is much painting to be done at DUF and Shanti. We are only at Shanti for about 4 days so we are going to lend a hand in any way that we can during our short stay there.

What are you learning as you help lead these endeavours?
I am certainly always learning about the good challenge of leading people of all ages. It forces me to be clear and concise, while at the same time doing my best to model love and compassion.

What motivates you to put your job as a Finish Carpenter on hold and head out to lead something like this?
I give up my time and earnings because this is it. This is the call/charge that is put upon me as a Christian. To love those who have been cast aside, to model the gospel as I serve and to help raise the future leaders of India’s church. BOOM. Amazing! I want to help.

It’s also interesting how quickly we can become very possessive of our time and what we earn. We can become too dependent them. I believe it’s good practise to loosen my grip on these things and put my trust in my Heavenly Father. It’s a good challenge and I don’t want to shy away from challenge.

  • Please regularly pray for Kyle & Alecia and for the team who will leave October 5.

  • Pray for their travels in and outside of the country.

  • Pray for unhindered passage.

  • Pray that each person would go with hearts of servants.

  • Pray that their work would assist the work that is already alive in India!

  • Pray they would bring Good News and encouragement, to lighten the load of those leading in these homes.

Teresa Klassen

Teresa Klassen


2015 India Construction Team

Child of Mine is a Christian organization from Canada partnering with two Children's homes in India. God has called us to come alongside the Homes in such a way that we can bring value to their vision – Raising the Future Leaders of India’s Church.

This year our Sunridge construction team is Scott, Tracy, Lane and Martine Horovatin, Jasmine Zilke, Erin MacIntosh, Holly Hiebert, Brittany Judas, and Nelson Chapman. 

They will be spending three weeks at the Shanti Niketan Children’s home working on various construction projects needed for upkeep of the property. 


Check out these team member stories!


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Hello from India! A Teresa Klassen Story

SunRidge Community Church, along with several other churches in BC, have the privilege of doing life with two Children's Homes in Northern India. Child of Mine has certainly become family over the years and we are so excited for what God has in store for our partnership!

This fall the leadership team of Child of Mine adventured over to India to visit and encourage the homes as well as to explore opportunities for the future!

Here are some awesome photos, riddled with good stories, from the lens of Teresa Klassen.

2013 Construction Team Child Of Mine – Shanti Niketan Children’s Home, Sabathu, India

2013 Construction Team Child Of Mine – Shanti Niketan Children’s Home, Sabathu, India

This year’s team included Scott, Tracy, and Lane Horovatin, Rachael Archondous, Mikaela Klassen, and Erin Macintosh.

They spent three weeks at the Shanti Niketan Children’s home working hard on various construction projects needed for upkeep of the property.

Below are some stories from some of the team who went, as well as a link to Mike’s video message to SunRidge from India.


We were blessed enough to have the opportunity to serve in Northern India. The Staff welcomed us into their home with open arms and we were able to serve in a verity of ways. We painted almost everything we saw, thanks to a large and hard working painting crew, which included Erin and Rachael and myself. We had the chance to do things we were afraid of on a daily basis, like paint with lizards, hunt for spiders and climb up high on ladders. Scott worked almost the whole time on the Water system. They put in a new water tank, and increased the PSI for all the kids living there. The new water system is not only going to make life there now so much better, as they will have good water all year long, but it will also make it so that if they need to expand the resources that are there, they can – at least on the Water end of thing. Scott spend his weeks working on that.

Lane was the honorary “Gofer” and did all the important jobs like running for tools and getting the camera when someone was climbing in a dangerous spot so we could get a picture of it. Lane also got a chance to go to school at the school house there. He spend a few days doing Hindi Class, which he is pretty sure he will never get the hang of. Mikaela was on the ditch digging crew. There were many ditches needed to be dug and she worked so hard making those happen. Her help was invaluable and she was part of a very hard working female ditch digging crew that made the whole project doable.

Everyone of us jumped around and helped out in whatever needed to be done, that is the best part of a team. We were blessed to be able to spend the time together, seeking Gods face and what he was trying to tell us. Not sure why but it seems as if in the Himalayas you can hear His voice better.

We got to enjoy Indian Trains, Taj Mahal, and a whole day in Delhi, rickshaws and lots of rice and Dal.

We are changed forever and our hearts will always be a bit broken by what we saw, and as for myself, I feel as if I have left a part of me in India. They are my Family on the other side of the world.



India was an amazing experience. The kids at Shanti Niketan truly gripped my heart, especially the older girls. I really connected with them. As much as it was very hard to say goodbye to the kids, I think the hardest part was seeing how difficult it was for the kids to say good-bye to us. Having the group come is the highlight of their year, and is such an amazing encouragement to them. One of the girls was crying in my arms right up until I walked onto the bus…its pretty hard to not want to come back and give them a great big hug after that!

It is hard to sum up what I learnt, and experienced at Shanti Niketan. All I know is I have a family across the world, and if I have a chance to go back I will hop on that plane without a doubt. Everyone their is truly amazing, filled with so much love and joy, even in their struggles. Shanti Niketan will always be in my thoughts and prayers.


On October 5, 2013 I had the privilege of going to India with the Child of Mine construction team. Anyone who knows me well knows how out of character this trip is for me. I like routine. I like sanitation. Something changed for me after watching the “Girl in the Yellow Dress” YouTube video shown during a service last year (showing a young girl all alone making herself a place to sleep on a sidewalk in India…and people stepping around her).

God used my life experiences as kindling and ignited something in me that led to Shanti Niketan.

India was a crazy experience in itself but that was not the focus. I was not there for an adventure or for personal growth but there to serve Jesus and any adventure or growth that came out of this trip was an awesome bonus. As soon as we landed in Delhi and got a chance to walk around, the system and heart brokenness was apparent and overwhelming.

I had all these ideas of efficiency in the work we would be doing at the home. I wanted to work hard and get as much done as I could because that is how I assumed we would be serving best—especially after seeing how much needed to be done. Once the kids start helping I realized how different efficiency can look when done for the right reasons. Yes—we may have been able to do things quicker without the help of our sweet little friends but the relationships we built in the process are worth far more than a clean paint job. Although the kids certainly need a roof over their heads, clean water, and food, they really need to know and feel that Jesus loves them and that we love Jesus so much that we would come to India to support them and to help them continue to improve their home. The staff of the homes who have dedicated their lives to Jesus and to these children in such a huge way bless us by their example of selflessness. We need to be praying for the staff as much as the children as they have a very difficult calling. I have changed how I pray for the children and the staff after being in India. They have a very difficult road ahead and I am grateful to be a part of a community dedicated in supporting them in loving people and making disciples.

SunRidge, thank you for your prayers and support. I am so blessed by all of you.

October 2014 I will be heading to back to India—no doubt in my mind.

Love, Rachael



The footprint of Jesus is everywhere at Shanti Niketan, in the stories of the staff, in the songs of the children, which they sing loudly and completely out of unison, in their 3 hour long church services. Prayer and Bible reading are as much a part of their lives as breathing.

I loved the children. The older ones specifically stole my heart. I loved them calling me “Didi” or “Erin Didi” (Didi is big sister). They showed me such love and affection, holding my hand or hugging me and loving me with such a purity and innocence, like that of a small child, such a humbling and beautiful experience.

I loved my experience in India, I loved the relationships I was able to build, I loved the team that He brought together, I loved Shanti and the Himalayan mountains. I loved seeing His presence even in the most unexpected of places. I loved being obedient to Him and seeing where He placed me and where He took me.

I loved what Jesus showed me and taught me while in India. He taught me to trust in Him completely. To step out of where I normally feel comfortable, secure and in control and to truly ‘taste and see that the Lord is good.’ He gave me a peace and an excitement to be open to opportunities placed before me. He allowed me to embrace my fears and just go with it. Jesus blessed me and broke me in unexpected and beautiful ways.

India has broken and stolen my heart. The children and the staff at Shanti Niketan have become family to me and I will never be the same…


Mike’s video to SunRidge while the team was in India


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