Money Matters

Money Matters!

SunRidge loves the Money Matters course! If you think that is a strange thing to say, consider what happens when people get out from under the weight of debt and have a new sense of financial freedom. When that load is lightened, so many things change in how a person feels, thinks, plans and how the engage with the things GOD invites them to!

This isn’t a course to teach people how to get rich; it is a course to teach people how to get free.

Magnus Aaserud has been leading this course and recently I asked him to share a bit about this topic that he is SO passionate about:

1. “Why do you take the time out to teach Money Matters? You are a busy guy…why does this matter to you?”

 We all have different skills and talents that God has equipped us with to use to serve him and people around us. I feel that this is one way I can serve using what God has given me. This is the same reason I have served on Sunridge’s finance team for the last 13 years. This is a way I feel can contribute – serve where I can make a difference, using the skills and life experience God has given me to help others. The fact that I actually do financial plans for people as my day job, makes this a natural fit for me.

 It is also a topic I am very passionate about, and have been ever since I was young. My passion is to help others figure out their finances. It is actually one of the reasons I took my education in finance and accounting. I think it is sad to see people struggle financially or not knowing where to start to create a plan for their finances. I hope to make a difference in their lives by facilitating this course and giving them the too ls to succeed.

 2. “Who do you think Money Matters is for? Is it primarily for people in financial trouble?”

 I truly believe pretty much anyone can benefit from this course. I think there is a misconception that this course is only for people that struggle financially – that is not the case. The course goes over 9 weeks and cover many different topics (saving, spending, debt, investing, insurance, buying a home, giving, etc.). Not every topic will apply to everyone – it all depends what stage of life they are currently in. But I know each person will get something out it that can help them or guide them in their own situation – whether you are on the brink of bankruptcy or already a millionaire. 

 3. “What do you see happening to people when they begin to manage their money versus having their money manage them?”

This course is not super technical. Other than a couple of the sessions, a lot of it is actually common sense. However, the biggest challenge with this course is that it requires commitment and discipline of the participants. As Dave Ramsey says over and over again – it is “20% head knowledge and 80% behaviour”. That is why this course in some ways is really easy – yet so difficult. The course will give the participants all the tools they need to be successful, but when it comes down to it, it depends on each person’s willingness and self-discipline to implement the principles that are taught in the course in their own lives. That is where the “rubber meets the road” and that is the challenging part. Often it will mean changing habits you have been doing for a long time and that is not an easy thing to do, but it can be done if you truly want to see change in your life.

 If you don’t dictate where your money goes, money will dictate your life instead. I have seen many examples of this. People are forced to take jobs they do not want to take, possibly having to work away from their families for long periods at a time. They might be forced to move away from their friends to another community, because they need to earn a higher wage to cover their financial obligations. They might not be able to go into the ministry they feel God is calling them to, because they cannot afford to, due to debt or high monthly expenses. By not building up a “buffer” in our financial lives and not living below our means, we are much more exposed to changes in our circumstances leading to financial “emergencies”. 

If you have your finances in order, it puts you in the driver seat for what you want to do with your life. If you save up for certain goals, stay out of debt and live below your means every month, you have way more options for doing the things you want to do and not ending up having to do things you don’t want to do. 

 So to answer the question – what will happen to those who implement what this course teaches? I think the most significant thing is that their stress level will go down. I think a lot of people stress over their finances, never feeling that they get ahead, lack of direction and worrying about their future. Once you have a plan in place and start practicing the habits that we teach, it will give you a sense of peace knowing that things are going in the right direction and that the habits you are living out every day will improve your financial situation over time. Less financial stress will have a positive impact on your family, relationships, health and just your enjoyment of life in general.

SunRidge is so grateful for people like Magnus who take their skills, knowledge, gifting, passion and faith and mix them all together to BLESS others. Thank you Magnus!!!

Teresa Klassen

Teresa Klassen


Money Matters

Series Description

Money Matters is a series on how God calls us to steward our finances. It teaches us to be responsible with our money, against the consumerist mentality of today, so that we can "Live Mission" with what we earn and save.



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