a devotional life

What Are You Guys Doing?

A short story:

Recently, a few ladies and I were sitting at Bliss doing our D’s — Bibles out, journals, pens. Ladies Morning Devotions go like this: hey everybody (catch up), let’s read (quiet Bible reading and journaling), let’s talk (sharing what we heard from God).

On this particular morning we were at Bliss and a young couple was at the till right next to our booth. The girl looked over and in a friendly way called over,

“Hey, what are you guys doing?”

A little conversation followed about what we were doing and I jotted the incident down in my journal.

The funny thing was that the week before, there were a few groups of SunRidgers at Bliss doing the same thing and another woman walked up to our table and said, “Is everyone in here reading the Bible?” (If only it were so).

One of these days, I expect someone to join us. Maybe it will be a regular customer who has seen a few people “in the habit” of doing their D’s at Bliss. You never know what will catch someone’s eye and start something new in their life. There is room for them at the table.

That’s my thought for today. Keep doing your D’s and just be open to who God might invite to join you while you are hanging out with Him.

Teresa Klassen