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What's Up For Sunland in the Fall?

"Lord, what are your plans for SunLand? We have been praying for 'Your Person' to come and lead the way and help us help our kids to know the wonderful love of Jesus!"

We have been praying this kind of prayer for half a year; resumes have come in, and yet, in our best effort to be discerning, the Spirit has not pointed to that someone and said "they are the one."

"So what is the plan for the Fall?" That's what we have been asking?

If GOD has not provided "the person" yet, then He must have another idea, for now, for our community. It wouldn't be like Him to leave us stranded, so then He must be wanting to equip us for a work of ministry that looks a little different.

I hope you will join in on "the different" and see what GOD will do!

come on in!

Don't wait, come on in and figure out how you can be a contributor!

  • Pray -- first and foremost! (ideas below)

  • Offer what you can. It would be unusual that a person would "grow out of" being able to offer something to the grand assignment of raising this part of the family of GOD. Age and experience only ADD to the effectiveness of your role with kids and families. So what do you have that you could offer?

  • We will be looking for Room Hosts (just friendly people to be supportive in a class on Sunday morning, greet parents, simple things). If you have the ability to be friendly and welcoming -- there is a place for you!

  • We are looking for teens to take the next step in leadership and to really lead in the class. If you are walking with Jesus and have a desire to up your leadership abilities -- let us know!

  • We are looking for kind Jesus-loving people to come alongside our little tots -- young parents go through about 5 years of "purgatory" (this in-between place of coming to the church gathering but not able to really be in church) -- your willingness to help could turn this around to be a really joyful time for them!

  • We are looking for young adults who would be like "camp leaders" to kids in the Gr 4-6 age group. A discussion facilitator...a big brother/big sister.

  • Call your friends and family to connect with this -- this is a big family project for SunRidge!

  • Let us know that you are "in" and we can figure out what that means together! Use this link to step into the ring!

be a part of the conversation

The conversation is happening of what the "Fall Construct" could look like and ideas are bubbling up, including those things we are receiving from your online feedback forms and through conversations we are having.

There is lots of room for input -- so when we organize conversation loops, be a part of these!

We hope to see a solid plan, a solid lead team, a solid staff come together well before the Fall!

how should we pray?

  • Pray for unity -- that we would all work with one goal, one heart, one mind, one love!

  • Pray that the Father would see us all and say "well done" for pulling together, being a true co-operative in how we are all a part of solving this need.

  • Pray that we would all listen well, so we can be led well by His Spirit

  • Pray that there would be a TRUE and NEW surrender of our time, treasure and talents so that we would bless our Father in how we care for His precious children. Pray that this would happen across the generations!

pulling it all together

Helping to organize all of our effort -- the people, the ideas, the materials -- we have a team of volunteer leaders forming.

I (Teresa Klassen) am stepping forward as a volunteer to serve as the interim point-person for the SunLand Lead Team. I will be working with the vision/curriculum/staffing side of things.

Colleen Loewen has stepped forward as a volunteer co-leader to bring into order a lot of the "nuts and bolts" of SunLand involving the rooms/environment, Sunday class layout and supplies, scheduling, policies and security etc. All things she has so much experience with!

Mindy Aaserud is in to pull in the creative ideas for activities and for ways we can support and equip families!

Sara Corothers is volunteering to act as a point person for the preschool class specifically, to help pull some good little curriculum together and support this area of our SunLand program..

Room for more, but it is a start!

Hey everybody, let's be encouraged in this. GOD is often very deliberate about not showing us the whole road -- and we can trust Him to lead us. Let us serve His family "not because we must, but because we are willing." (1 Peter 5:2)

  • Teresa Klassen


Just a little shout-out about summer plans for kids! Our Out of School Care Director, Walter, has planned some really great mini-lessons for summer for kids K+ so that even while we aren’t running our usual full program, there will be a little learning going on…but a lot more chill than usual. Parents, I hope you will take advantage of the good work Walter has done and continue the “good input” of GOD’s word in their lives over these next weeks.

Every week Walter is looking at an animal GOD has made and seeing what we can learn about our GOD through that creature! If everything about GOD can be known by what we see with our own eyes, nature has obviously got a lot to tell us!

Check out this coming Sunday’s creature in the photo! Know what that is? Well, you’re going to have to come to find out (bet it isn’t what you think it is). The theme will be on the topic of “hope” along with the verse: “No one whose hope is in you will ever be put to shame.” Psalm 25:3 — sounds interesting to me!

See you Sunday!

As to the preschoolers, we are hoping to “man” that room to provide a break for parents…but this will be dependant on volunteers coming forward to assist. So if you are in to help, please email or link to our volunteer page for Children’s Ministry and let us know.

It’s going to be a great summer in SunLand!

Teresa Klassen

Teresa Klassen