How Did You Get There?

Sometimes things stop me in my tracks and speak to me. On Sunday, this happened. It was post-Gathering when only 6 or so were left hanging around; I was mid-sentence in a conversation when I looked up and saw this:

vine medium.JPG

Look closely and you will see a vine drilling its way between wall and roof, straight out from the poster that says “Live Mission.”

At first I laughed and said what I have said many times over the past 22 years: “Only at SunRidge.” Only at SunRidge through these barn walls, into this simple meeting place, among this hodge-podge collective would this happen. Just another oddball thing to keep us laughing. How silly is this? How did it get there….?

But then I had that familiar feeling of the Spirit telling me to look closer and deeper and there it was. This is the way of the Vine, the stubborn vine that won’t be stopped when money is short, when staffing is thin, when prayer is wobbly, when community is complicated, when culture is messy, when the future is foggy. This is the character of Jesus the Vine, the true and tenacious Vine going wherever He wants, however He wants no matter the terrain, the climate or the circumstances.

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5

Won’t He go where it doesn’t make sense for the sake of His Mission? Won’t He show up miraculously during impossible times? Aren’t we invited, called actually, to go along for the ride where literally no wall can stop Him? Won’t we hold onto Him even then, growing in obedience, seeing Him everyday as unlimited?

So Praise GOD today, people of SunRidge, for the beautiful ways of Jesus. And take a look at the vine in this picture (not sure if the facility team will be quite so keen to maintain its existence indoors). It represents the idealism of GOD and His absolute commitment to get where He wants to go with His people: NO MATTER WHAT. The wonders of GOD never cease and in our time we will see this if we have eyes to see.

Unstoppable God, Let your glory go on and on

Impossible things, In Your name they shall be done

Nothing shall be impossible
Your kingdom reigns Unstoppable

We'll shout Your praise forevermore
Jesus our God unstoppable

  • Unstoppable GOD, Elevation Worship

Thanks Father for this little reminder…we got the message.

Teresa Klassen

Teresa Klassen