Never Short

This is the time of year, emerging from summer, when the calls come out inviting people to “get involved.” Getting involved in a church community isn’t simply to volunteer, it is actually the sharing of one’s Spirit-given gifts (given to share) with the church body. While this is true, a church often feels its missing parts as people sort out “sharing” in their lives.

Recently, putting some finishing touches on things for Sunday I was musing on this while listening to some inspiring worship music. I stopped and sat on the stairs to listen. I was thinking about how incredible the combination was of the many singers and the orchestra and what a luxury it must be to be able to assemble what is needed to create such a rich sound! Most churches don’t have that ability — we pour out our hearts with what we have, but there may be parts missing…

I allowed myself a little day-dreaming and thought about how one day we will never be short of worship leaders. One day we will have more than enough instrumentalists. One day we will turn out a sound richer than anything we have experienced thus far. Oh the acoustics! Imagine! Our pool of talent, instruments, staging, sound, will be mind-blowing!

Imagine heaven and the worship leaders from all over the world and from the heavens themselves (angels have been worshipping a lot longer than us) who will converge, putting their heads together to create and create new worship experiences.  Imagine the joy of those concerts! Imagine the celebration of the nations. Imagine the roar, the light-show, the way music will saturate everything and us in the Presence of GOD, the One who will be the guest of honour, always.

Imagine never having to ask someone to serve on this worship team, imagine the abundance of gifts freely offered, imagine the crowd waiting for the unveiling of the song they haven’t yet sung. Imagine the enthusiasm and the laughter and the JOY, how will it even stop? How will we move from that place?

 There will be a new kind of work going on in heaven and this will be one: musicians creating out of a place of GREAT WEALTH. There is something about a meaningful time of worship here on earth, but it is just a hint of what is to come. Can you imagine it?

 And music won’t be the only thing we will never run short on. We just won’t run short anywhere and for someone who has lived most of my life creatively patching together people and plans, simplifying, improvising and modifying and wondering how something will work out in the end…that seems like the most AMAZING thing to look forward to.

 May Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. Yes, I see bits of pieces of this new day here. Just in SunLand alone there are evidences of heaven on earth. Like this week when I walked into the SunLand room and there was a lock on a cupboard that wasn’t there before. Wayne was in, and this was the result of his labor – a small necessity that shouts out love for our kids. Lloyd was in. He worked with Walter on Friday morning to install chair rails so that we could keep on top of wall repair and make our rooms inviting (we can now paint more often, from the rail down). Bethany was in on her day off; she spent an hour recording a lesson for kids about how to pray. So plainly practical…but what we do in the Name of the Lord is not done in vain. Like a movie preview before it comes out, our service now is a Trailer of heaven.

 We bless the earth by practicing such service. Our service should be like a cup overflowing all its sides. GOD has given the Church worldwide everything it needs to bless others which means, if we all give ourselves to it, we should never run short.

Teresa Klassen

Teresa Klassen