taking steps

And Now What?

Remember that beautiful day in September when we Barbecued and kicked off the new Fall season at SunRidge? Mike spoke about maturing in Christ. He talked about how, as in life, we grow spiritually from infant to child to young adult to a parenting role. All of these “markers” are natural, right and good. No one begins a journey with Jesus at a place of maturity; we all start at the beginning and go from there. We grow from there. It’s like we are always asking, “And now what?”

This past summer (remember summer? sigh) we had so much fun being together as a community at Green Bay Bible Camp. This is a tradition we love as a church community, and a part of that weekend is setting time aside to celebrate the step of Baptism. It is a step. It is one of those steps on the path of maturing; a very first step or maybe a step to catch up on if you missed it!

As we say at SunRidge, “Baptism is initiation, not graduation.” You don’t have to be far along in your walk to decide to be baptized. Baptism is simply a public statement of a private decision. It is one of the things Jesus asks us to do and it is a decision we can make early on when we understand what it is and why we would do it. It is one of those “maturing” steps. Maybe it is your next step. If you think it might be, reach out and get the ball rolling!

At SunRidge we are about “becoming”…not staying the same but tackling our issues, being set free, moving with passion towards the things of God….together.

Thank you to Chris Keller who served so lovingly, sewing the baptism badges onto our towels!

Teresa Klassen