What Happens at Family Camp

What happens at Family Camp doesn’t stay at Family Camp and that is the great thing. Over the years we have had more and more fun, more and more community, and more and more reasons to do it all over again because it pulls us together and gives us stories to remember; and isn’t that what makes life rich?

So much happens in a few days that is unique to a weekend like this and so we make a big point of calling SunRidgers to SIGN UP (early would be nice)! Every person who adds themselves in and engages with others, creates another dimension to what the weekend ends up being. Each person — single, married, young, old — is the family at family camp.

What laughs will happen?

What games will get played?

What conversations will be new to us?

The kids run wild, the adults find their playful side, and in the middle of it all, Jesus does some beautiful and meaningful things (He does love a good party).

So come and kick off your shoes and be campy with us and be part of the “remember when” stories that will come out of it all.

Camp will be at Green Bay Bible Camp on June 14-16; Details can be found at this link: Family Camp

Teresa Klassen

Teresa Klassen


Isn't That Great?

Isn’t that great?

This past Sunday was so encouraging as the Student Team led the morning. They were involved at every level, from entertaining to explaining, to challenging, to testifying, to singing, to preaching to calling us to love the way Jesus loves.

Isn’t that great?

We have so many student leaders with gigantic hearts that selflessly give of their time, treasure, talent to be in the lives of these students with such passion and integrity. They see what is “going on here” and they feel compelled to do their part to stand guard for these students.

Isn’t that great?

We as a church family get behind this ministry by creating space for them, by helping where we can, by giving money, by supplying resources, by applauding and encouraging.

What isn’t that great”

When the lights go out in the auditorium after a morning of joy, it’s what isn’t great that we must remember and this is where we as a church family get to be great in a crucial way.

We know the enemy wants to steal, kill and destroy the younger generation so we must pray. We must pray in the morning, we must pray in the noon-time, we must pray in the evening because these students aren’t tucked away safely in the corner of the week. We must be so acutely aware of what they are facing that isn’t great…

  • What isn’t great is we have students who feel their identity slipping away from them because the world is deliberately confusing. The enemy nudges this along so that they literally do not know who they are and what their purpose is. Instead of hearing the kind and affirming voice of the Father, they think they are a neutralized pronoun without GOD-given shape or form or purpose or uniqueness. Oh how we must pray!

  • What isn’t great is we have students who hurt themselves because they are hurting during the week and this self-inflicted pain seems better then that pain they have no choice over. Oh how we must pray!

  • What isn’t great is we have students seeing things they counted on, erode before their very eyes so that they don’t feel a firm foundation under their feet. Oh how we must pray!

  • What isn’t great is we have students who fear, who doubt, who crave, who cave, who watch, who want. Oh how we must pray!

There are so many things that aren’t great that we better be great at prayer; there is so much at stake! Don’t let the lightness fool you, many of these students are navigating things that aren’t great. Let us not fail them as a family. Let’s adult; let’s pray and not just when we are prompted.

Pray with hope and expectation. GOD will advertise His goodness through their lives and we will live to see it and

Isn’t that the greatest?

Teresa Klassen

Teresa Klassen


Mud On My Boots

“There’s dirt on my shirt
And leaves in my hair
There’s mud on my boots
But I don’t really care… “

— Jeff Foxworthy, Dirt on My Shirt

You may not be aware of this, but recently our SunRidge campus was the site of a large and messy youth event involving water and dirt. Low in cost, but requiring a large sacrifice of time and energy and soap, this was the first, and most likely annual, mud fight.

A week out, leaders spent the day picking up a truckload of dirt (thanks to Cole’s dad for providing high quality dirt) and shovelling it out at SunRidge. There were hours needed for set-up to have different mud-fight challenges (including a duel-pool, an army crawl and slip-n-slide), lots of energy was required for the event itself and even more energy and a pressure washer to clean up.

This is what our Student Ministry Team is willing to do for the students they care for week to week. No one is telling them to do this. On no job description will you find “Mud Fight.” This amazing team is making this up as they go out of a great love for Jesus that spills over onto these young lives.

When you love people you look out at them and ask, “What do they need?” We should all be asking this because it is what Jesus did. At a wedding once, people needed wine so the party wouldn’t stop so Jesus stepped up and provided. Another time, out in the middle of nowhere the crowd needed loaves and fish so that hunger wouldn’t take away from their experience with Jesus — He made dinner for everyone. Sometimes He saw people needed defending sometimes He saw they needed a story. Sometimes He thought the time was right and they needed to get out of a boat, on other occasions He saw they needed to go fishing.

What do our students need? In this time of life where there is so much angst, with this generation where there is so much social disconnection — the team looked at those they love, like Jesus would, and said: mud fight (and couldn’t we make a Biblical connection to Jesus also using mud to show love to people along the way? See John 9)

So all this investment of energy, all this time, all this clean-up, all for the memories, all for the joy, all to build a community who can laugh together and the next week talk about the most serious of things. That is in fact what happened because this week they tackled a big heavy topic: how to deal with the problem of pornography.

SunRidge, please express thankfulness to GOD for those who BLESS our students. Pray for them. Say nice things to them! Pray for the future too, that our Student Team will always be well led, well staffed, well loved. We so value the blessing, the discipling…and the mud-fighting.

PS. I should mention, there were fish involved. Each team was given a large fish they had to carry with them through every event and the fish “most intact” at the end, won. Also, during different mud challenges the students were rewarded with sardines.

Teresa Klassen

Teresa Klassen


You 25

When does a church with prayer become a church of prayer? When can we say, “We are a church of prayer!” — How does one measure that?

  • A measurement might be when we notice in ourselves and in each other that we are thinking of prayer without being reminded to. That nudge of the Spirit, that inner call.

  • A measurement might be when we notice we are praying without being asked to and we are seeing others do the same. In all kinds of gatherings, groups, and one-on-ones it would seem strange to not be praying.

  • A measurement might be when we see we are more quickly moving towards prayer as an instinctual response and others are doing this also. Something happens and the call goes out, “Let’s stop everything and pray…”

  • A measurement might be when we notice we are less self-conscious about prayer and much more aware of GOD than ourselves. I think we would see old praying with young, and young praying with old and peer to peer and group to group and no one would use disclaimers.

  • A measurement might be when we begin to listen for GOD to speak to us and to look for answers that come from Him and we see others doing that too. We would be hearing about it.

  • A measurement might be the change we see! When GOD’s people are praying then change is literally in the air. When GOD’s people are praying there is a visible movement and measurable results from it.

  • A measurement might be how, through a new confidence gained in prayer, we come alive in our faith, hope, resilience, freedom, and the practicing of our gifts.

I don’t know what more to say — there is more to see than say, I think. To witness. One thing I know: until we witness that “constant” of prayer, the nail — the call to pray — needs to be hit over and over and over again. We need to learn this. We need to learn the faithful walk of prayer and not slip into a malaise.

So right now we are praying for pre-service prayer to be a solid place of prayer. Twenty five who won’t give up praying Sunday mornings at 9 am. It isn’t a magical time slot, and it probably isn’t even an indication of what prayer will be down the road for our church, but right now…we need to get one thing down with some steadiness and stubbornness.

We are praying for you 25.

PS. Right now we are at a pretty steady 15. Come on Disciples, Followers of Jesus, let’s do this. 9 am, Portable, Every Sunday. Kids are welcome to come play while we pray. Interruptions are allowed!

Teresa Klassen

Teresa Klassen


Behind the Fun

There were balloons…hundreds of them!

There were costumes…all kinds and all colours all mixed together!

There was lots of loud and lots of laughs!

Moms and Dads got right into it…

And a dance floor filled with EVERYONE: toddlers, kids, teens, young adults, and….adult-adults. One big mix of happy!

When it was over…it wasn’t over. If there was music, there was dancing, even while the clean-up was well under way! Sometimes you just can’t stop having fun.

This is the Goofball, but there is more! It’s the more you need to know to understand why we would even host this event. The Goofball is a complete goofy, fun-filled celebration of childhood, but it has a serious vision. The Goofball exists to create space for joy and to affirm each child’s GOD-given identity. This year the main point was to not live under the pressure of a label. From the stage, on-screen and around the tables the message was that each person is unique — they can be themselves and let other people be who they are! We don’t need to give in to pressure to be something else or do what everyone else does. You can enjoy a whole variety of things, and that just makes you interesting! Kids were challenged to listen to the voices of people who truly love them and have their best-interest at heart and put negative influences waaaaaaaay in the back row of their lives.

After the food (including Nikki’s hilarious cupcakes), the games, the pep-talks, the prizes…all that was left was dancing, and did everyone dance!! So much freedom and happiness, fuelled on pure fun…is there anything better then that?

The next day I was still grinning, thinking of all the spontaneous, crazy, goofy, lovely things that happened all evening.

If there was ever a time to cheer the next generation on and feed them hope and encouragement, this is it! So thanks to all of you who did all the behind the scenes stuff: the hours of planning, the decorating, the set-up, the cooking, the serving, the dish-washing, the sweeping, the wiping down, the putting away…

Yay SunRidge, I love your attitude! Thanks for getting behind the fun.

Teresa Klassen

Teresa Klassen


Have Some AGM With Your Soup

This past Sunday was Soup Sunday. I have to pause here, because on February 17 at least one of our SunLand kids thought it was Soup Sunday and they were pretty disappointed to find out it was a week away. Soup Sunday is that good.

So, this past Sunday was Soup Sunday and it was that good! Thanks Lisa and team and small groups for feeding all of us.


Part way through we added in a little AGM — our Annual General Meeting. Bernie led the way through the agenda starting it all off on the right note, reminding us of how faithful GOD is and how He hears and answers our prayers. He shared from his own recent experience of seeing GOD answer a very specific prayer when he was hospitalized. May this be the beginning, middle and end of everything for SunRidge: always seeking the Lord, always hearing from Him, always trusting and obeying what He tells us and asks of us!

Magnus began with a budget review from last year. Last year we approved a more aggressive budget and not only was the budget met, but we had more funds come in than we had planned for. This was also a time for Magnus to pass the baton of leadership. Magnus has been the head of the finance team, well, it seems like forever. He has been the overseer of this team with such diligence and faith. He has made the budget review more than numbers, but rather an inspiring call to the church to be thankful to our GOD and trust for His provision always. The baton has been passed on to Brian Hawkins who is also an elder at SunRidge and part of the finance team — we are so grateful the Lord has sent Brian to serve in this way. Magnus will continue to serve on the finance team. Well done Magnus!

  • Brian went through some of what is coming in the new budget, explaining all the significant changes and a vote was taken on this budget and it was approved.

  • This was followed by some great ministry updates by Kyle Dyck (Student Ministries), Olivia Wark (Children’s Ministries) and Walter Blackwood (Out of School Care).

  • Pastor Mike gave a property update, specific to the area behind the portable. A donation has been made to help develop this part of our property so it can be used as an activity space (retained, sculpted, paved) for SunLand, OOSC and our students to use including a potential basketball court, higher fencing etc. More will be brought to the church for discussion as plans begin to develop.

  • Bernie shared about the Lead Team’s processing this past year on the topic of Discipleship and what it takes to move a church to be “Disciples who make Disciples.” More to come on this as well as it unfolds in the church.

There is much for us to do as the Lord includes us in His Mission. We want to pray well, listen well, obey well and become more and more the passionately committed followers of Jesus He is shaping us to be!

Teresa Klassen

Teresa Klassen


The Marriage Retreat

On February 15 and 16 The Marriage Retreat was held at the Summerland Waterfront Resort. This year our theme had us looking at marriage with a bigger view, in fact…an eternal view. If marriage is a picture GOD used to show us the beauty of His covenant commitment towards us, that ought to call us to take a closer look at our commitment to one another. What did He intend for our relationships before marriage and what does “being married” look like? When others have the opportunity to see our marriage in action, what do they see? Are we able to view our friends and our spouses from a much longer view, a view that goes beyond this life and if we could…how would it change how we serve one another now?

We took Francis Chan’s “You and Me Forever” book and videos and broke it down so it could be covered in the short time frame that we had, making it user friendly to both marrieds and singles. We got to work as individuals, as couples, as tables and as friends!

It was a beautiful few days, great conversation and a good and practical challenge to take home with us.

Had a great lunch to end our time together at The Local (delicious as always!) and a nice little stop-in at Backdoor Winery on the way home (I like the story of how this winery started, and it happily proved my point about being nice to crows and ravens).

Here are some photos from the weekend:

Teresa Klassen

Teresa Klassen


Set Free/Prayer Summit/Church Renewal Weekend

On January 25th, a group of 6 of us went to Steinbach, Manitoba; yup, middle of winter. What would draw us there?

Two years ago, Pastor Mike and Pastor Shawn went to Southland for the same experience and came back very challenged by what they had walked through. For the past two years, Pastor Mike has been walking through weekly mentoring sessions with Pastor Ray from Southland for the main purpose of helping our church grow in prayer.

For the six of us who went (Teresa K., Michael K., Jo-Ann K., Kyle D., Bernie S., Jon B.) it was a remarkable weekend and I thought I would pass on just a “taste” of what impacted them.

To give you some context — this is Southland Churches website. This is a link to this weekend so you can read about the Set Free portion and the Church Renewal portion. As a part of this weekend we also attended their service and their Prayer Summit (which they do monthly). I could talk to you about this for at least an hour…so I will just stop there and let the team chime in:

Mike, Teresa, Jo-Ann, Kyle, Jon, Bernie

Mike, Teresa, Jo-Ann, Kyle, Jon, Bernie

Kyle’s Thoughts

For me the whole weekend was so refreshing because of the way in which it was communicated to me. We weren’t wrestling with these huge topics that require years of study and schooling to fully grasp, we were tasked with simple and BEAUTIFUL processes that date back to the ancient times. Whether it was confessing sins to each other, or participating in listening prayer, it was remarkable how moving it was to take part in it. I quickly realized that I over complicate things so easily. The weekend called me back to the beautiful and simple practises that scripture call us to.

Listening prayer is also something that I haven’t done a lot in my life but this weekend we practised it and it was amazing. I actually heard the voice of the Lord. It was incredible. The God of the universe spoke words TO ME and it brought me to tears. I desire growth in this area as well. Especially as I ask the Lord for encouraging words to share with others who are doubting. 

Returning home, I have experienced a “re-ignitiing” of sorts. Conviction that I need to really look inward and make sure that my spiritual practises are of the utmost importance. It sounds simple, but life can quickly make them see less important. It also convicted me in the way that I communicate truth. Simple. I don’t need to dress it up. Truth is scripture and scripture is truth. Students in Student Ministries need to know truth. Especially all of those who are in broken families. 

Lastly, my prayer and devotional life. As of late, they have become, “when I have the time.” A lie of the enemy. This must be a non negotiable. They must start my day and continue through it. How can I speak truth if I am not clear in what truth is?  

Bernie’s Thoughts

There were so many positive experiences from our trip to Steinbach, Manitoba, this past weekend and a few that are just plain memorable, like when:

1. We were in the ditch, wondering about how we will get out and hearing our leader say "OH, I did something bad".

2. Watching brother Kyle, who was sitting next to me on the plane - bouncing his leg up and down continuously, while watching his movie with the screen moving to the rhythm of his leg. God makes us all wondrously different!

All kidding aside, there are two experiences that I hope can be turned into practices at Sunridge:

During the Church Renewal - Set Free sessions we were encouraged to open our hearts to listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying about sinful attitudes and practices, such as unforgiveness, anger, breaking promises and dwelling on impure thoughts. After listening we were encouraged to note these and confess them to one another. We also practiced a prayer of release to those that confessed. It was a liberating experience.

In numerous teaching stories, the Sunday sermon and the Monday session on "Hearing God" we were introduced to the practice of "Listening Prayer". From the time I was young, I have longed to hear from God like the prophets, apostles and more recently like George Mueller and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. The pastors in the various sessions provided numerous examples of how they also received direction and specific instructions by learning to listen to the Still Small voice of the Holy Spirit as they prayed. I was challenged to re-think my earlier conclusion that this was not for me: would the Holy Spirit speak to me like that? The passages in Luke 11:13, John 16:13 and Rom 8:32 impelled me to reconsider and with humility just keep asking. I'm not sure where this will lead but I find I have a greater joy in prayer and my list of things to pray for is much shorter, since I'm listening. So, this is not complete - still waiting for what is to come but I'm thrilled by the potential.

Jo-Ann’s Thoughts

Southland was an incredible experience. I know some of you were worried about us being in the cold, but the fire that we felt inside of us through the Holy Spirit made it so worth it. 

The Set Free part of the conference was amazing. James 5:16 says therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed (set free). They made it so simple for us to confess our sins to one another and then be released of our sin. It wasn’t a time of trying to fix each other. It was simply confess, pray and be released. It may not always be comfortable confessing to someone else but wow when you do, you can really feel a sense of being set free. If there is one hope that I have for my brothers and sisters at Sunridge, it would be that they would want to walk in total freedom. 

Jonathan’s Thoughts

  For me, the Sunridge Leadership Team's trip to Southland Church for Church Renewal Weekend in Steinbach Manitoba was a stand-out, pivotal, and eye-opening life experience. There are moments in life that you look back on a few years down the road and realize, "Man! That experience changed my life forever.". This was not one of them. Only a week behind us and I already know with full confidence that this changed me for eternity which in turn will change the way I approach leadership forever.

When I walked into the Southland's building I was initially amazed, but the sheer physical size of the structure was quickly disregarded the moment I was greeted at the door with a smile from someone I didn't know but felt right away "There's something happening in this place and I need to figure out what it is."

Well what it was, was a church that has a deep desire to see their people set free from the chains that hold us down in sin, a church that approached the bible in a beautifully conservative and simple manner but that led to a pursuit of seeking God to hear him speak, a church that sung songs that were almost verbatim from the pages of your Bible, a church not with prayer but of prayer. And somehow when walking out for the last time I was struck with this feeling: "This is all happening because of one man: Jesus, and what he did for us on the cross."

Oh that people would walk into our church family and experience these things and leave being awestruck not at our programming and what we do, but rather; what was done for us on the cross.

It's going to be an exciting year Sunridge.

Mike’s Thoughts

What I have really come to value with the ministry of Southland church is how diligently and yet simply they bring spiritual practices into use. 

Most churches do a great job teaching Bible - ORTHODOXY - but are somewhat weaker at practicing the Bible - ORTHOPRAXY. 

This is what I hope and pray will more and more take place at SunRidge. 

Teresa’s Thoughts

I knew a little bit about what I would experience coming into this weekend because Mike had been a part of it. However, nothing prepared me for what it would mean for me personally. The Lord truly does want to set people free and there were a number of distinct things He showed to me that were slowing me down. It was time to see it and let it go. Time will tell, but I experienced both insight and release from a number of things. I experienced encouragement from the Holy Spirit specifically. I saw very practical things, simple things, that can significantly impact my own, and our churches, life of prayer. I was so challenged by the honesty in this church, the willingness to confess all-too-human failures, and the joy of speaking to and hearing from GOD.

I was so energized by seeing students praying, not just praying, but praying over people with their authority in Christ with clarity and conviction and truth! Wow! Mike and I were prayed over by a group of grade 10 girls and what they said to us was not just “nice” — it was touched by the Spirit and used by GOD to speak to us. It was insightful and impacting on our ministry. Only GOD can take a young person and do this. I have come home feeling like I ate a HUGE meal. Both Mike and I felt this and also heard the Spirit say: don’t do anything, just digest. Ah, GOD is good. He will lead us one step at a time.

Thanks Team for sending these short reviews!

What is GOD saying to you about prayer among us? Currently, I am praying for 25 prayer-people consistently for our Sunday morning prayer time — 9 am in the portable. That will represent more than 25 people because not everyone can come every week. When we see this happening, I will be seeking GOD and asking for the “what’s next.” If you hear GOD nudging you to be a part of this morning prayer movement, don’t delay…come running!

Teresa Klassen

Teresa Klassen


Prayer: My Story (Part 4)

21 Days of Prayer — January 13 to February 3
This month we are featuring interviews with SunRidgers highlighting their understanding and perspectives on prayer…

Rachael’s Story

Who introduced you to prayer and how has your prayer life grown and changed over the years?

My parents introduced me to prayer when I was really young and I was quite comfortable talking to God on my own. I felt free to a continuous dialogue with Him and certainly had a lot to say. I felt like I could talk to Jesus like a friend.

We were Mormon and the out-loud prayers were more of a scripted prayer and I often felt uncomfortable praying out loud because I was embarrassed to say something incorrectly--especially at church or with my grandparents. There was a lot of pressure to have the right words and tone! It is likely I put this on myself…I do that.

When we left the Mormon church (age 6ish) it was quite upsetting and did not feel comfortable praying anymore. Our lives changed for a lot of reasons and I believed terrible things were happening because we left and I felt ashamed to pray. It is hard to explain what that is like other than a darkened quiet...I don't know, maybe that sounds too dramatic. It was quite confusing. My parents and I eventually became Christians but there was a long road to actually get there and we didn’t all get there at the same time. There are so many reasons why praying was such a complex issue for me as a newer believer (that I obviously won’t get into in this questionnaire!) but I no longer feel ashamed to pray and feel much closer to God for it. The dialogue with God throughout the day is how I get through difficult days and find joy in those and the other ones.

If someone were to ask you why you pray, what would you say?

I pray because I believe that God wants to hear from me and cares about what I care about. -Praying helps me sort out what is going on in my head.

What are you learning about prayer?

  • Praying is really quite simple.

  • Thanking God throughout the day has helped me to have a more grateful heart.

  • Praying like I did as a child makes me feel closer to God so I no longer complicate my praying...I just talk.

Why do you think it is important to gather and pray together as a community?

Praying as a group is not something that has come naturally to me. I much prefer to pray on my own but the older I get the more comfortable I am with it (not that I think I have to be comfortable all the time). It has only been in the last 4 or 5 years that I have been okay closing my eyes in public so I think this has a lot to do with it. I is really weird… The solidarity of gathering to pray and caring for the people in our community and what they care about is something I understand though.

Matthew 18:20For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

Prayer: My Story (Part 3)

21 Days of Prayer — January 13 to February 3
This month we are featuring interviews with SunRidgers highlighting their understanding and perspectives on prayer…

Cindy’s Story

Who introduced you to prayer and how has your prayer life grown and changed over the years?

August 1979 - my now (not then) friend Reina. She had just days before confronted me with the challenging, life changing question “who is in control of your life anyways?” to which I replied “I am - of course!”…. and her famous retort, which got me to reevaluate everything I did not know about “surrender”: “you’re not doing a very good job of that are you?!?!” SHE prayed OUT LOUD in the Minneapolis airport as she came to say goodbye to me as I returned to live in the “tundra” of Grande Prairie AB. I now, take great joy in praying for, and with people “out loud” in a variety of life’s places and situations.

If someone were to ask you why you pray, what would you say?

Because Jesus taught us HOW, because He and the “faith fathers” of all time prayed… because I need to “talk to God”, it centers and grounds my wayward spirit and mind, and ultimately can change my otherwise “self led” actions & decisions.

What are you learning about prayer?

Spend MORE time in adoration (focus on WHO God is), confession and thanksgiving for all He has already done and is doing in and around my life. And less time on supplication. I am also enjoying returning to a practice of using the Psalms to guide my prayers for myself and others. I love being reminded how the the details of the situations, or crisis, in the Old Testament which resulted in many of the Psalms being written, didn’t CHANGE a whole lot - particularly right away. Yet the Psalms do NOT forsake continuing to persevere to acknowledge who God is and a total surrender to Him in spite of circumstances.

Why do you think it is important to gather and pray together as a community?

Praying with and being prayed for by loving brothers and sisters in the faith is a privilege and a great blessing - particularly when a situation is so stressful or challenging, that I (or others ) are stuck with how to pray it through. It also gives us the added blessing to watch for, see and proclaim the various ways God has heard and responded to the prayers of His people!


Norm’s Story

Who introduced you to prayer and how has your prayer life grown and changed over the years?

I would have to say that I was “introduced” to prayer by the pastor of the first church I ever intentionally attended. His name is Del McKenzie and it was during his ministry in Grande Prairie, Alberta that I came to faith. His deep command of the truths of scripture and his gracious manner in dealing with sinners, such as myself, drew me, along with the Holy Spirit of course, to make a profession of faith.

As far as my prayer life growing - I think it more accurate to say my prayer life has evolved (Can a Christian not be considered a heretic using that word?) more than anything. My early prayer life centered around what I wanted and not on what God wanted for me. Throwing up a laundry list of “To Do’s/Wants” has changed into a broader view of my circle of influence and the needs of others within that sphere. I would certainly hope that through prayer, for others and their needs, I’ve become more empathetic toward other people instead of being so “black and white” as during my early Christian years.

If someone were to ask you why you pray, what would you say?

Prayer allows me to have time alone with God in a way that enables me to quiet myself and hear from Him in a way not experienced during the rest of my day. I have discovered that the Sovereign LORD truly does control this world we live in. He, and He alone, can and does do things man cannot and will never be capable of regardless of our “enlightenment”. He tells us that He listens and that He desires to hear from His children. Being in close relationship with God gives purpose to life this side of eternity.

What are you learning about prayer?

Maybe I’ve mentioned some of that in my previous answers?? Learning is or should be a lifelong process. Maybe some of us are just slow learners! Anyway - that list of slow learners includes me. Because of time with God I am learning how self-centered my life often is and how close to the surface my sin always is. When I contemplate the character traits of God I am humbled by comparison. And that is one of the things He most desires of His children… that we act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with Him. Humility is most needed in me and I pray that through continual time with the Lord, in prayerful conversation, He will continue giving me a heart transplant that brings glory to Him.

Why do you think it is important to gather and pray together as a community?

By doing so Christians not only bear witness to the early church but as believers gather together and pray they become aware of the needs of those around them. Our small group time is such a blessing in that regard. There is nothing like corporate prayer to unite a group of people!