CLASSES: Study with the Community

Be equipped for change in your life

Sunridge Community Church offers foundational classes meant to help you as you begin and grow in your walk with Christ.


Starting Point

Starting Point is an 8-week gathering where your questions about God turn into a conversation about faith. In a Starting Point group, you can discuss your doubts and explore the trickiest topics of faith, free from pressure and judgment. To learn more, watch the video here.

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Money Matters

Money Matters is a class on how God calls us to steward our finances. It teaches us to be responsible with our money, against the consumerist mentality of today, so that we can "Live Mission" with what we earn and save.


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Partnership Class

The Partnership Class dives into the core of SunRidge's mission, values and beliefs. We then invite people to partner with us as we live these out.


Hearing God

Does God still speak today? This is one of the most important questions a Christian can explore, and has huge implications for every aspect of a person’s life and walk with God.




Be equipped for change in your life!

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