People You Know

This is a shout-out to small groups, and as an example — my own. This past week our small group had a BBQ together on a windy evening; we love getting together! We look forward to it. This year our group members have been all over the country and out of the country but we always keep tabs on one another and get together as soon as we are on the same soil. It’s so good to gather.

I don’t even know how long this group has been together, but we know each other quite well by now. We are at that stage of honesty where we can challenge each other, cry with each other, pray consistently for one another, celebrate the wins, puzzle over the puzzles…its all that and more. We love to eat together, hang out with each other, and figure out this journey of faith together. I love my small group (and not just because Marcella slips me jars of jam).

My small group has done the miles with Mike and I. They have been right at the core of quite a tender journey. They have been burden bearers for us: always interested. There are times we have gone “on and on” about weighty things and our group has been immensely patient and understanding. I see how we all try to be this for one another. It is amazing to experience. Church.

Recently we had something pretty big to celebrate in the middle of our ongoing story — and their hearts just joined with ours and I was further buoyed up by the beauty of community. At the same time, someone else was experiencing hard things — it is almost always this way. So we all leaned in to listen and to ponder it and to pray and to hope. This group doesn’t give up.

I know there are other groups who could say the same. This is the goal with small groups, isn’t it? Life on life, knowing each other, the happenings, the uncertainties, the wrestling to figure out obedience to Christ, the long-suffering walk, the ready applause, the hug, the eye-to-eye call to live out one’s calling in a safe and “for you” kind of place.

As September comes closer — find out about Small Groups. Talk to Shawn Klassen, connect at the Connect Centre. Fill something out online (Whoa! Who are those fine looking people on the SG page?). Small groups run for 10 weeks and then if you feel like trying something different — a different group, a class — feel free! Become a part of the mix. Enter into group life: love people, and be loved back!

Teresa Klassen

Teresa Klassen


A Summer of Psalms

Series Description

The Book of Psalms is one of the most unique books in the Bible. Why? Because it brings together ‘Logic’ and ‘Emotion’ like no other book in the Bible. These two need not be opposed to each other. So let’s enjoy the deep feelings that come to us with the deep truths the Psalmists bring to us!

About The Artwork

This series design features a wavy line pattern in the background. Many of the Psalms are very emotional writings which can be really joyful or really heavy all of a sudden. This emotional up and down is symbolized by the pattern.

Nature Whispers

Psalm 19

Mikaela Klassen / July 21, 2019

Delight In

Psalm 1

Mike Klassen / July 14, 2019

What's Up For Sunland in the Fall?

"Lord, what are your plans for SunLand? We have been praying for 'Your Person' to come and lead the way and help us help our kids to know the wonderful love of Jesus!"

We have been praying this kind of prayer for half a year; resumes have come in, and yet, in our best effort to be discerning, the Spirit has not pointed to that someone and said "they are the one."

"So what is the plan for the Fall?" That's what we have been asking?

If GOD has not provided "the person" yet, then He must have another idea, for now, for our community. It wouldn't be like Him to leave us stranded, so then He must be wanting to equip us for a work of ministry that looks a little different.

I hope you will join in on "the different" and see what GOD will do!

come on in!

Don't wait, come on in and figure out how you can be a contributor!

  • Pray -- first and foremost! (ideas below)

  • Offer what you can. It would be unusual that a person would "grow out of" being able to offer something to the grand assignment of raising this part of the family of GOD. Age and experience only ADD to the effectiveness of your role with kids and families. So what do you have that you could offer?

  • We will be looking for Room Hosts (just friendly people to be supportive in a class on Sunday morning, greet parents, simple things). If you have the ability to be friendly and welcoming -- there is a place for you!

  • We are looking for teens to take the next step in leadership and to really lead in the class. If you are walking with Jesus and have a desire to up your leadership abilities -- let us know!

  • We are looking for kind Jesus-loving people to come alongside our little tots -- young parents go through about 5 years of "purgatory" (this in-between place of coming to the church gathering but not able to really be in church) -- your willingness to help could turn this around to be a really joyful time for them!

  • We are looking for young adults who would be like "camp leaders" to kids in the Gr 4-6 age group. A discussion facilitator...a big brother/big sister.

  • Call your friends and family to connect with this -- this is a big family project for SunRidge!

  • Let us know that you are "in" and we can figure out what that means together! Use this link to step into the ring!

be a part of the conversation

The conversation is happening of what the "Fall Construct" could look like and ideas are bubbling up, including those things we are receiving from your online feedback forms and through conversations we are having.

There is lots of room for input -- so when we organize conversation loops, be a part of these!

We hope to see a solid plan, a solid lead team, a solid staff come together well before the Fall!

how should we pray?

  • Pray for unity -- that we would all work with one goal, one heart, one mind, one love!

  • Pray that the Father would see us all and say "well done" for pulling together, being a true co-operative in how we are all a part of solving this need.

  • Pray that we would all listen well, so we can be led well by His Spirit

  • Pray that there would be a TRUE and NEW surrender of our time, treasure and talents so that we would bless our Father in how we care for His precious children. Pray that this would happen across the generations!

pulling it all together

Helping to organize all of our effort -- the people, the ideas, the materials -- we have a team of volunteer leaders forming.

I (Teresa Klassen) am stepping forward as a volunteer to serve as the interim point-person for the SunLand Lead Team. I will be working with the vision/curriculum/staffing side of things.

Colleen Loewen has stepped forward as a volunteer co-leader to bring into order a lot of the "nuts and bolts" of SunLand involving the rooms/environment, Sunday class layout and supplies, scheduling, policies and security etc. All things she has so much experience with!

Mindy Aaserud is in to pull in the creative ideas for activities and for ways we can support and equip families!

Sara Corothers is volunteering to act as a point person for the preschool class specifically, to help pull some good little curriculum together and support this area of our SunLand program..

Room for more, but it is a start!

Hey everybody, let's be encouraged in this. GOD is often very deliberate about not showing us the whole road -- and we can trust Him to lead us. Let us serve His family "not because we must, but because we are willing." (1 Peter 5:2)

  • Teresa Klassen


Just a little shout-out about summer plans for kids! Our Out of School Care Director, Walter, has planned some really great mini-lessons for summer for kids K+ so that even while we aren’t running our usual full program, there will be a little learning going on…but a lot more chill than usual. Parents, I hope you will take advantage of the good work Walter has done and continue the “good input” of GOD’s word in their lives over these next weeks.

Every week Walter is looking at an animal GOD has made and seeing what we can learn about our GOD through that creature! If everything about GOD can be known by what we see with our own eyes, nature has obviously got a lot to tell us!

Check out this coming Sunday’s creature in the photo! Know what that is? Well, you’re going to have to come to find out (bet it isn’t what you think it is). The theme will be on the topic of “hope” along with the verse: “No one whose hope is in you will ever be put to shame.” Psalm 25:3 — sounds interesting to me!

See you Sunday!

As to the preschoolers, we are hoping to “man” that room to provide a break for parents…but this will be dependant on volunteers coming forward to assist. So if you are in to help, please email or link to our volunteer page for Children’s Ministry and let us know.

It’s going to be a great summer in SunLand!

Teresa Klassen

Teresa Klassen



Series Description

"Christian" is a label that can be good, bad, attractive, or repelling. It's a bit loaded. But where did the word come from? And did it come with instructions?

About The Artwork

This series design incorporates a bunch of typefaces all trying to merge together to spell the word “CHRISTIAN?”. The typefaces are modern, traditional, bold, conservative, easy to read, and difficult to read. Our definition of Christianity is so often a messy combination of these approaches represented by the type.

Courageous Conversations

July 7, 2019

Jesus Expects Us to Obey

June 30, 2019

Prayer Changes Everything!

June 23, 2019

Courageous Obedience

June 16, 2019

**We were at Green Bay Bible Camp this week, sorry for the poor audio quality!**

Thank You Prayers

June 9, 2019

Confess and Repent

June 2, 2019

Christian and Perseverance

May 26, 2019

Courageous Connecting

May 19, 2019

Courageous Prayers

May 12, 2019

Parable of the Sower

May 5, 2019


April 28, 2019

How Did You Get There?

Sometimes things stop me in my tracks and speak to me. On Sunday, this happened. It was post-Gathering when only 6 or so were left hanging around; I was mid-sentence in a conversation when I looked up and saw this:

vine medium.JPG

Look closely and you will see a vine drilling its way between wall and roof, straight out from the poster that says “Live Mission.”

At first I laughed and said what I have said many times over the past 22 years: “Only at SunRidge.” Only at SunRidge through these barn walls, into this simple meeting place, among this hodge-podge collective would this happen. Just another oddball thing to keep us laughing. How silly is this? How did it get there….?

But then I had that familiar feeling of the Spirit telling me to look closer and deeper and there it was. This is the way of the Vine, the stubborn vine that won’t be stopped when money is short, when staffing is thin, when prayer is wobbly, when community is complicated, when culture is messy, when the future is foggy. This is the character of Jesus the Vine, the true and tenacious Vine going wherever He wants, however He wants no matter the terrain, the climate or the circumstances.

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5

Won’t He go where it doesn’t make sense for the sake of His Mission? Won’t He show up miraculously during impossible times? Aren’t we invited, called actually, to go along for the ride where literally no wall can stop Him? Won’t we hold onto Him even then, growing in obedience, seeing Him everyday as unlimited?

So Praise GOD today, people of SunRidge, for the beautiful ways of Jesus. And take a look at the vine in this picture (not sure if the facility team will be quite so keen to maintain its existence indoors). It represents the idealism of GOD and His absolute commitment to get where He wants to go with His people: NO MATTER WHAT. The wonders of GOD never cease and in our time we will see this if we have eyes to see.

Unstoppable God, Let your glory go on and on

Impossible things, In Your name they shall be done

Nothing shall be impossible
Your kingdom reigns Unstoppable

We'll shout Your praise forevermore
Jesus our God unstoppable

  • Unstoppable GOD, Elevation Worship

Thanks Father for this little reminder…we got the message.

Teresa Klassen

Teresa Klassen


Hanging Around at Green Bay

This past weekend 80+ SunRidgers got to hang out at Green Bay Bible Camp for the weekend for another round of Family Camp! We have been doing this for a lot of years and it only gets better. This year the weather was in full cooperation: the sun was shining, it was hot, the skies were clear, the lake was warm. A perfect Okanagan weekend.

Friday night people arrived, unpacked and roamed about until kids fireside at 7:45. Fireside for kids involves some crazy campfire songs and then a great lesson, this year led by Walter B. who spoke about Gideon and how GOD gave him courage in the face of fearful circumstances. The kids all played field games after this, led by some of our Students! Mike K. picked up on the theme of “do not fear”at the adult fireside, something Jesus spoke of and something the Bible refers to over and over again. After this, we played a community-building game in the Dining Hall until 11 pm — had some great snacks too! Thanks to everyone who pitched in!

In the morning, a great Green Bay breakfast and adult small groups and then the Pickle-ball tournament began in the gym. This is an annual competition that only gets more competitive as the years go by! Thanks to Carla, Kyle, Cole and Monique for all teaming up to make this such a success again. In the end, knocking out all the competition — Tracy & Tiana K. won and accepted the pickle trophies in an emotional awards ceremony.

There was lots of beach time with all the water toys open for play — lots of people in the lake, on the beach, running around the camp all afternoon in the sun! There was a sand-castle building contest at the beach as well with much creativity on display!

For adult fireside on Saturday, Gary Swabey continued the theme of “Do Not Fear” with an emphasis on the “Shalom” peace of GOD followed by another community-wide game and snacks in the Dining Hall.

To end off the weekend, our Sunday gathering was held at Green Bay followed by a hot dog BBQ outside around the picnic tables where people could linger and visit and enjoy the beauty of where we live.

That’s the rundown of what happened, but there was so much more — all kinds of conversations, lots of play between adults and kids, hilarious spontaneous thing that only make sense if you were there (like the second “wedding” we held for Andrew & Liv at 11 at night in an RV complete with a loud sing-along to Celine Dion…like I said, had to be there). There was more random fun than can be recorded here. Family Camp is a very bonding, family building, warm time and something we look forward to every year.

The Green Bay Camp staff hosted us so well…we have so loved being able to enjoy the lake, the toys, the space, the food, the gym, the accommodation. There is something for everyone there and for every kind of weather (we have occasionally been rained out and the gym has been rather handy on those years). Thanks Green Bay!

A big shout-out to Mikaela K. who was busy all weekend managing the schedule and the myriad of questions that came her way…hope you had a long nap after it was all said and done. And thanks to everyone who played a part, big and small, to serving this church family on Family Camp Weekend.

If you weren’t able to come, reserve the weekend in June — it usually happens Father’s Day weekend and we will let you know as soon as something is booked! Be a part of this family gathering — it’s such a highlight!

Teresa Klassen

Teresa Klassen


India Calls!

Every year SunRidge partners with Child of Mine in sending teams to India to visit amazing tourist sites across Northern India, which includes a children's home where we can help with practical tasks, hang-out with the kids, meet the staff and connect with the grads! These short-term trips are three weeks long and provide the opportunity to engage in projects some days and explore incredible India on other days! The trips visit one or both of the Children’s Homes and other incredible sites around India.

There are a lot of people around SunRidge who have gone and have had the joy of seeing and serving; there are good things happening in Northern India and it is super exciting to be a part of it.

If this is something that interests you, head over to the Child of Mine website or go to the Connect Center on Sunday to get more info! Link up here to read about the exciting Boys Dorm project. Interviews are happening already; contact Child of Mine ASAP to see if you can still link up!

  • Content from the Child of Mine website

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 4.41.08 PM.png

It Doesn't Just Happen

Thanks to all those who come earlier than most on a Sunday morning to serve others. This week thanks goes out to those on the hospitality/front-lines team who come early to prepare for our morning toast and coffee, and (like this past Sunday) for The Lord’s Supper.

We all know this doesn’t “just happen.” Those of you who serve in this way have made it a priority and do all this in a very unseen way. So unseen that one might not even think about you coming before the rest of us to set up and then clean up when everyone has had their share. Thanks for keeping inventory, thanks for shopping, thanks for standing in when others are away, thanks for setting your alarm earlier, thanks for showing up and carting everything down to where it needs to be, thanks for breaking bread before we do and pouring all the little cups, thanks for brewing coffee and for cleaning up all our crumbs, thanks for hauling everything back up, washing dishes, putting them away and turning out the lights — all without most people even knowing all this is going on.

The way you serve is a gift to the church and such an expression of love. Thank you for doing all this with consistency and humility, towel over your arm, caring for our needs. Thanks for making this welcoming for others (there is something about a cup in the hand that helps set people at ease). It’s a beautiful thing you do…

We want everyone to be involved in “family life” at SunRidge. If you are around SunRidge, find a place to serve alongside others; you can link up here: Where can I serve?

Teresa Klassen

Teresa Klassen


Give An Account

Last week in this spot you saw photos of a mud-fight. This week you are looking at a photo of a Finance Team meeting in progress and though you might not think the two have much in common, they do.

I am guessing you don’t think about the Finance Team and what they do very often, but if it were not for the diligence of this team, it is unlikely that last week’s mud-fight would have happened. How cool is our Finance Team that they would help us steward our finances in such a way that this crazy, messy, hilarious event could happen? How great is it that they love our community enough to make sure there are funds in a Student Budget so that Jesus loving leaders can plan great events to disciple students?

Without a faith-filled Finance Team and their best efforts, we would have a tough time keeping our SunRidge vision and priorities alive.

This team meets and does their best to give an account to the Leadership Team and to our church of where things are at. They report and advise on adjustments when they see shortfalls (or windfalls!). They make sure we are practicing healthy stewardship and generosity. It isn’t just a straight forward role to serve in because there is both practical management of what we currently have and a faith that GOD will do more than we ask or think….or have.

If you haven’t prayed for this team before, take a moment to do so. Come to GOD with thanksgiving for the dedication of this crew and for the way they serve us. Pray they would have sharp eyes, honest pens, good ideas, joy in the assignment and most of all, ears that hear Jesus about what is ultimately His.

Teresa Klassen

Teresa Klassen